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ZeroFox Has Acquired Dark Web Threat Intelligence Firm Vigilante

A cybersecurity company has announced that it has acquired the dark web…


ZeroFox, a Maryland-based cybersecurity firm, has announced its acquisition of the dark web threat intelligence company Vigilante ATI Inc. for an undisclosed amount of money.

Vigilante, which was established in the year 2003, has specialized in offering business-oriented security monitoring solutions for organizations seeking tailored services in the breath of consulting, management and threat assessment.

The company has since made a name for itself as a go-to expert on matters dark web threat intelligence by supporting all activities involving the monitoring of threats within the hidden web economy.

Vigilant, which happens to be the firm’s main brand, provides risk-sensitive establishments with the capacity to engage advanced automated processes in detecting and fighting dark web-originated threats to their organizations.

In addition, Vigilante provides solutions towards the management of organizational compliance with requisite security regulations and policies that define various business environments.

The same function extends to insights development on all matters concerning the prioritization of investments and resource assignments within set cybersecurity standards. Vigilante’s operations are geared towards enabling clients to advance their ability to harness ICT tools for success.

The ZeroFox acquisition of Vigilante is expected to advance industry prospects in that the firm will exploit the latter’s global team of expert operators and analysts in enabling client access to critical data sets and unique research tools.

The cybersecurity firm claims that the new solution will be “second to none” in light of the fact that competing providers do not have access to similar tools. The firm also asserts that the acquisition will go a long way to supply the industry’s most capable ability to analyze and act on information concerning the frameworks of public attack surface exposure.

While reflecting on the latest events, the CEO of ZeroFox James Foster stated that his firm’s customers demand a clear view of the dark web economy to stay clear of emerging tactics, and protect their valuable data.

A Much-Needed Dark Web Intelligence Solution

ZeroFox will plug into Vigilante’s decades-old experience in serving dark web monitoring tools to clients. The result will be a joint solution that will merge datasets from the two organizations in delivering risk intelligence services across a wide array uses.

The solution will target breached credentials and botnets, network intelligence on compromised and risk-sensitive systems, and including intelligence on cybercriminal elements that may be looking to attack target victims.

In addition, apart from the fact that the resultant solution will embed ZeroFox’s AI processing superiority, the product will also have botnet exposure monitoring, threat monitoring, incident exposure, and tailored investigative capabilities in light of cybercriminal engagement and asset recovery.

While commenting on the new development, Vigilante’s co-founder Mike Kirschner asserted that the new combination of datasets will present a wealth of opportunities to researchers and operatives looking to achieve dark web intelligence through artificial intelligence.

The acquisition has since been promoted as a welcome solution that will assist organizations in gaining the protection they need from various categories of cyber threat actors. The firm notes the timeliness of the combination of resources in the face of rising cases of dark web-facilitated cyberattacks aimed at crippling entire industries.

Point to note, cybercriminal activities have expanded significantly as a result of COVID-related factors. A host of darknet platforms have been teeming with listings of stolen data obtained from brazen cyber events across the world.

Risk Based Security researchers penned the worrying trends in a recently published annual data breach report, which indicated that the number of breached data records rose past the 37 billion mark in 2020 – the figure represents a 141 percent increase in cases when compared to 2019 statistics, ransomware recorded a 100 percent increase.


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