Guides and Review Jan 03, 2023

Working layouts for advertising

This course is great for bloggers – create unique layouts: for targeting,…

This course is great for bloggers – create unique layouts: for targeting, advertising with bloggers and supporting your reputation for those who are planning to blog – get a new audience with a working layout, learn the current trends for those who want to earn money: master a new Insta-profession and start earning.

Course program

1. Creation of a working layout

  • advertising layout – what is it
  • the role of layouts and advertising structure
  • types of layouts
  • ideal formula for layouts
  • layout creation
  • script writing
  • photo and video selection
  • music for layouts
  • software for creating layouts
  • creation of advertising layouts for iOS and Android

2. Earnings on advertising layouts

  • Defining your target audience
  • Packaging your profile: how and why?
  • Profile header, themes for posts, visual design
  • Finding clients – where and how
  • different methods to find clients

As a result you will

  • learn how to create effective layouts for advertising, which will be based on your personal brand and benefits, relevant and hype
  • you will be able to earn by starting to create layouts


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