Hacking Nov 21, 2022

What happened with Dread or Truth about Dread

The main DarkWeb forum became inaccessible again on Wednesday, due to a…

The main DarkWeb forum became inaccessible again on Wednesday, due to a series of massive DDOS-attacks. The latest attacks are greatly affecting the stability of the entire .onion network.

A Dread administrator posted an explanation about the recent string of attacks, codenamed “Another Day Another Tor Attack,” “Looks like we’re going to have to burn some more money. Dread is getting another big DDOS attack that is killing the security nodes on our fronts,” Paris wrote. “These attacks are combined with other attacks on the Tor network,” he added.

Network latency statistics maintained by the Tor team show an overall slowdown across the network. AlphaBay Marketplace is also claiming a DDOS-Attack on its facilities, but AlphaBay and Dread resources are currently available over a secure I2P channel, where the connection remains untouched. .onion network may be periodically unavailable. Once the connection is established, it will be available for a while, then you will have to change the chain to a different one.

According to Admin Paris, lately the security gateways of the Tor network are massively unavailable, which makes it easier for attackers to massively carry out attacks on resources. The administration of Tor promises to implement Proof of Work technology in the near future for more intensive protection of resources, which are in the network.

Dread forum is visited daily by Darkweb users, cybersecurity professionals and other technically advanced users. As of 2018, it is a place where various questions and answers to totally different questions are gathered.


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