Markets Oct 10, 2022

User nicknamed “Drug Source” arrested in France

Authorities in France arrested a citizen who was allegedly selling drugs…
Authorities in France arrested a citizen who was allegedly selling drugs on a large scale. The accuser had made more than 3,000 transactions since September 2020. Ecstasy, heroin and MDMA were on the list of ego products. “The profits may have exceeded 1.5 million euros,” the prosecutor said. After National Intelligence and Customs investigators noticed “drug offers from Drug Source on the darknet and Telegram,” law enforcement began investigating a crime. Police also managed to locate the defendant’s accomplice, a 24-year-old Sarta resident who allegedly worked as a logistics assistant and supervisor for the defendant. Authorities arrested the suspects at their place of residence. During a search of the main defendant’s home, police seized more than 450,000 euros, including 432,000 euros in cryptocurrency.” The suspects were criminally charged with drug trafficking and possession. They face up to 10 years in prison.” The trial was set for November 14. We are awaiting a decision on the case.


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