General News Nov 21, 2022

United Kingdom white hackers protect Ukraine from cyber attacks

United Kingdom special services have played a very important role in protecting…

United Kingdom special services have played a very important role in protecting Ukraine from cyber-attacks by the Russian Federation. The United Kingdom Foreign Secretary has released details of a special operation to protect Ukraine’s cyber sphere. According to him, the damage that could have been done would have been “significant” without the support of United Kingdom hackers.

England has also strengthened its cyber defense systems because of threats from the Russian Federation. “We have in-depth knowledge of cyber defense, and so we were very happy to share it with our Ukrainian allies,” the minister said.

The Ukraine Cyber Program cost the Great United Kingdom £6 million and was rolled out on 24.02.2022. The program was made public after official authorization, which confirms the fact that the Kremlin knew about this special operation.

The absence of major cyber-attacks against Kyiv was due to the fact that the Ukrainian network was supported by experts from around the world, making such attacks pointless.

Ukraine was also provided with equipment and software to strengthen its cyber sphere.


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