Drugs Feb 04, 2020

Two Teenagers Spared From Jail After an Overdose Case

Luck favors two teenagers as they are spared from jail

In some uncommon instances, luck favors the least likely. This appears to be the case in a scenario that occurred last week involving two teenage boys. As the story unfolds, it is purported that the two juvenile delinquents supplied a party drug identified as MDMA to a fifteen-year-old girl.

Hannah Bragg, the girl in question, died as a result of an overdose from the substance at a festival with friends in a small southwestern Ontario township called Tavistock. The incident happened in mid-2018.

The two boys aged 16 and 17 testified to the charges in front of a hearing at Plymouth Crown Court this past Friday where they outrightly confessed to supplying the class A drug. The 17-year-old Tavistock resident was ordered to commit to a 12-month youth rehabilitation program in addition to dedicating himself to 50 hours of unpaid community service.

On the flip side, the 16-year-old Yelverton resident was ordered to commit to a 24-month youth rehabilitation program in addition to dedicating himself to a total of 70 hours of unpaid and supervised community service. The latter was the one who was charged with the particular case that involved Bragg.

The judge at Plymouth Crown Court disclosed that he had to be very liberal with their judgment given that he and the jurymen/women had to consider the fact that the boys were 14 and 15 years when the incident occurred. He also came fourth to declare that it was best to keep their names anonymous since they are underage.

The two teenagers had been dealing with drugs that they sourced from a darknet website. Their clients comprised of their minor peers with the youngest customer to have purchased substances from the delinquent pair believed to have been 12 years old.

As the story goes, Hannah was in the company of a friend when they both decided to take the MDMA. A short period after, Hannah fell into a deep seizure after which the friend phoned the emergency number for help. The girl was airlifted to Derriford Hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

In a report issued after investigation, it was observed that Hanna’s friend had googled multiple times how to handle someone who was just hit by a seizure. He then contacted a friend after which he later contacted the emergency authorities.A post-mortem report indicated that the girl had a concentration of about 2.64 milligrams of MDMA per every 100 milliliters of blood. This can be deemed as “acute toxicity”.

Hanna’s care givers went on to comment that parents ought to be more alert and keen on the knowledge about drugs and substances because they are not as farfetched as one might imagine. This is just but one of seven confirmed MDMA overdose-related cases in the recent past.

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