Markets Dec 21, 2021

ToRReZ Market Is Closed for Good

ToRReZ market has shut down amid wild reactions across the dark web with…

ToRReZ market announced that it is retiring from conducting any dark web business. In an announcement that was published on the Dread forum, ToRReZ admin revealed that the marketplace will not be accepting new orders as all pre-existing orders will be shipped out.

Figure 1: ToRReZ market has shut down.

The ToRReZ announcement, which remains viewable on Dread today, reads:

“After 675 days of presence on the darknet, we have decided to close our door for good. From 2021-12-17 certain functions of the market has been disabled: registering, upgrading to vendor account, purchasing, featured items auctions, support.

Market wallets are working fine and are ready to get your withdrawals requests. Because we use fully automated system, please be ready for queues when it comes to the withdraw. We especially expect the queue on XMR withdrawals (because of how XMR is built).

Market will be left online for at least two to three weeks until all orders are finalized and disputes are closed.

We will review the disputes on the daily basis so you can withdraw your funds as quick as possible.”

The ToRReZ Market staff also informed users that forgot their mnemonic / pin / password / pgp to beware that they will have to lose their account and funds – stating that “there is nothing” that the ToRReZ team can do about it.

He added that for users whose deposits did not arrive after the announcement, they should realize that they got phished. The same reality applies to users that paid for an order and cannot find it on the ToRReZ list.

In highlight, the ToRReZ market staff member asked the new refugees to “use common sense” when looking for a new home by avoiding “established markets” but rather consider smaller darknet platforms that have a very low chance of collapsing.

In closing, ToRReZ revealed that while the marketplace may be gone for good, there’s a possibility that its creators will return to the dark web scene with a different product. The staff member went on to intimate that they will still be reachable for comment via Dread’s system although he cautioned that about giving no warranty that user messages will be read or answered.

Figure 2: Screenshot of a part of the ToRReZ market announcement on Dread forum.

Users React

ToRReZ market joins other platforms that have recently retired from the dark web scene – including White House Market and Cannazon Market. The new development reflects a rather changing dark web environment where platforms have opted to announce their retirement rather than pull the typical exit scams that have been a norm in the past.

While reacting to the latest news, Dread users were quick to share their thoughts about the ToRReZ market decision in light of current circumstances for darknet vendors and buyers. Quite obviously, the users expressed differing opinions about the real meaning behind the decision by the once-popular market to close its doors – here are screenshots of some user reactions:

Figure 3: A user applauds ToRReZ for leaving the dark web scene "honorably"

Figure 4: This users flagged  the trend of dark web markets choosing to retire.

Figure 5: A Dread user who believes that a possible law enforcement operation may be interfering with dark web markets.

Figure 6: Another skeptical user asserts that there's more to the latest decision for Cannazon and ToRReZ to exit the dark web scene.


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