Markets Mar 15, 2021

The Story Behind HM Forum? Stupid Exit Scam or Something More?

Who is responsible for the exit scam?

After so many speculations, Tape started investigations to know the story behind Hotmilk (HM) admins and the whole team in general. HM forum was created about four years ago and it was working well during the first years.

If you have been around the dark web for some time, you know well HM is a big name in the fraud category. HM was a vendor in various markets and offered fraud-related products.

Having worked in top markets like AlphabBay, Hansa, Wallstreet, Agora, and many more, HM vendor experienced and witnessed multiple exit scams, seizures by law enforcement losing thousands of dollars held in escrow during the time.

This move then pushed him to create his forum and avoid future losses. More so, this would help Hotmilk and his team create a haven for the fraud community on the darknet

Over time, the Hotmilk forum has grown to have thousands of users and hundreds of visitors daily. 

When Dream market crashed in 2019, HM became more popular and active. On the HM forum, it was possible to find Bank, PayPal, and Venmo transfers which were exclusive services.

However, something went wrong and the quality of services deteriorated.

Who is Guccigang and what is his role on HM forum?

It is difficult to explain Guccingang's role on the forum and why most of the services were offered by Sportsman and Br0. Hotmilk hasn’t provided any comments about it.

Word has it that he was the main administrator of the HM forum and was mainly responsible for the finances.

Who is responsible for the exit scam?

News reaching our desk indicates that Hotmilk decided to sell HM forum exactly to Guccingang because the reputation of the forum was ruined after many unsuccessful transfers and selective scams which were organized by some admins and other vendors of this forum.

In a statement, Hotmilk said " I do not see any reason to spend funds on this shit and I am tired of bad reports on Dread. I don’t see any point to search for new admins and do anything to save the reputation of this forum. I think it’s useless."

Our investigations reveal that Guccigang has tricked everybody. He has been offering new products like Prepaid cards, different types of transfers, and much more to other admins and forced them to sell these fake services to attract users so that he can rip them off their hard-earned money.

Today it’s clear that most of the services were not delivered at all or were delivered with huge problems.

To sum up it's possible to say that Guccigang has bought HM forum from Hotmilk for 10 000$ – 15 000$ and managed to trick everybody. He has brought the name of the forum into terrible disrepute and scammed his partners, old customers of HM forum, and other unsuspecting individuals who thought they could earn from the forum.

It is a very unfortunate incident, especially today when a lot of people are suffering from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. 

What is more, there is some probability that the financial pyramid from Kdefox has been organized by Guccigang too. Tape News is trying to find some ways to secure an interview with Hotmilk and other workers of HM forum to get the real story.

We are advising users to stay away from the site especially the lucrative offers as we now have a scammer as the main admin


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