Drugs Apr 20, 2023

The creator of Underline costs was arrested

A court arrested a former police officer in a drug control operation in…

A court arrested a former police officer in a drug control operation in Darkweb.

Erin Gold, Thomas James Booker and Ryan Jordan Suri-Tucker

Thomas James Booker and Ryan Jordan Suri-Tucker were sentenced by the court, for assisting in the distribution of various narcotic substances, such as: LSD, cocaine, cannabis, steroids, and others through a vendor profile on Darkode. The two men and Booker’s girlfriend, Erin Gold, were arrested and The investigation into the case began as a result of the interception of an internal parcel that contained approximately 8,000 LSD pills. Reportedly, the mailbox from which the shipment was made was discovered through the parcel. The alleged perpetrator was followed by a stakeout, after which the suspects’ homes were searched. As a result, $670,000 in cash and $469,000 in cryptocurrencies were found.

About $100,000 worth of substances were found in the suspects’ home.


The court also ordered the seizure of inmates, two housing units and a motorcycle with a total value of about $851 million. Booker himself admitted to 50 counts in mid-2022, he confirmed that he was behind the entire drug trafficking organization. He also reported that the demand for narcotics products increased sharply during the period of coronavirus restrictions.

Suri-Tucker also pleaded guilty and stated that Booker paid him $3,300 a month to keep the drugs at his grandmother’s house and ship the goods to the end user.

The judge sentenced Booker to 21 years in custody. He will not be released until 2037. Suri-Tucker received a more lenient sentence, five years in prison.


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