Markets Nov 21, 2022

The administrator of a darknet marketplace was arrested

The web resource Germany on the Deep Web was launched back in 2013 but…

The web resource Germany on the Deep Web was launched back in 2013 but became known in 2016 after the mass shooting in Munich – when this marketplace was used to buy weapons and ammunition. By 2018, the resource had become so large that it was necessary to split the site into two parts. An administrator took office in 2018 and managed the part of the marketplace that dealt in the sale of narcotics.

The suspect has arrested a year later charges of hacking into the local network of the university where he studied. At the time, his connection to the darknet marketplace Germany in on the Deep Web was not proven.

At the time of his arrest, the marketplace had 16,000 users and 72 sellers and was considered one of the largest marketplaces in Germany.

The Federal Criminal Police Office and the Bavarian Central Office for Combating Cybercrime conducted the investigation, which seized computers, external hard drives, and cell phones belonging to the suspect during the arrest. The suspected administrator was charged with operating a criminal online trading platform. If convicted, he faces between one and ten years in prison.


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