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Test Automation + Python Programming

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What you will learn

  • Basic Python 3 programming course
  • Write a complete framework for automating API testing from scratch
  • Learn the principles of Object Oriented Programming in Python 3
  • Run tests using the Pytest library with the necessary configuration
  • Test APIs using Postman
  • Connect logging to your project and read logs
  • Implement and build Allure reports
Requirements The course will give you all the knowledge you need, including Python programming and Postman skills, you can start from scratch. Description WARNING!!! There is absolutely NO WATER or unnecessary information in this course. If you like useless, boring and tedious videos that make you want to sleep – then this course will not suit you. After you finish this course, you will write a project on API testing automation. Which you can easily take and use on their own working projects, as well as after studying it you will be able to specify in your resume and have a trump card when searching for a new job! Python 3 is one of the top 5 most popular programming languages. This is a good starting point for learning how to program. The language is very simple and perfect for beginners who want to learn programming. Python would be a great choice as your first programming language. This course is suitable for those who want to learn programming in Python 3 as well as master a very high-demand and high-paying profession of Test Automation! It will also be good for those who are already working as a tester or in IT and plan to change direction. This course includes practical exercises and homework on the following topics:
  • programming in Python 3;
  • Practical exercises on writing code with verification from the teacher;
  • Running and configuring tests using the PyTest framework;
  • API testing with Postman;
  • practical assignments on working with Postman;
  • automation of API testing;
  • Step-by-step instructions for writing an API test automation project;
  • connecting logging and learning how to read logs;
  • connecting the Allure framework;
  • source code from the video.
In this course, the main emphasis is placed on going over the basics with a minimum of theory on practical examples so that you can get started with these tools as quickly as possible, and further develop your skills using documentation and your own experience of trial and error. If you want to develop and not to stand still, if you are interested in expanding borders and getting new knowledge, if you want to develop in testing area and are ready to invest your resources for the sake of your own growth – you are on the right way. The course is constantly updated with additional theoretical and practical material, tests and practical tasks. I hope that the materials from it will help you change your life and become good testers!!! After completing the course you will get a huge amount of practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as you will receive a Certificate of Course Completion! Video lectures combine both an explanation of the basic concepts and elements necessary for programming and automation, and visual demonstration of their use. With the proper patience and effort you will immediately give a good practical basis for the interview and future work in the profession. Be sure to practice and type all the code in the video, as well as practice creating your own classes, methods and modules. Since practice is an integral part of learning. If you have any questions or requests, please send me a private message and I will be happy to help answer them. Good luck in your endeavors. The road will take the walker! Who this course is for:
  • For people who want to master programming in Python 3
  • Those who want to learn API testing with Postmana
  • For those who are new to testers and developers, as well as professionals with experience
  • Professionals who are looking for new tools for automation


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