Hacking Oct 25, 2022

Terabytes of Microsoft customer data stolen

Hackers attacked Microsoft, stealing 2.4 terabytes of Microsoft customer…

Hackers attacked Microsoft, stealing 2.4 terabytes of Microsoft customer data reports TapeNews.

According to the publication, attackers hacked into the company’s server and stole customer data. The journalists pointed out that Microsoft acknowledged the leak on Oct. 19,

Microsoft notified its customers that some of their data may have been exposed because of a misconfigured server. The company did not provide further details, including the number of customers affected.

SOCRadar presented its own report about the incident. SOCRadar specialists detected the problem with Microsoft North back on September 24. According to SOCRadar experts, the leak affected about 65 thousand corporate customers of Microsoft in 111 countries around the world. The cracked archive included 335 thousand e-mails and 133 thousand projects.

After the SOCRadar investigation, Microsoft said that cybersecurity experts had exaggerated the scale of the problem.


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