Drugs Mar 01, 2020

Statesboro Man Charged in Dark Web Drug Deals

A Georgia man was busted by authorities for buying drugs using crypto via…

A man from Statesboro, Georgia, was charged after a probe that discovered that he was buying and selling illegal drugs via dark web.
Collins Castillo, the 21-year-old student at East Georgia College, has been slapped with several charges following the conclusion of a month-long investigation.

This information is according to the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) that said that the probe was executed by the Crime Suppression Team (CST) after suspecting Castillo’s drug deals.

According to reports, Castillo was suspected to be trading liquid Ezitolam, a benzodiazepine that falls out of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and usually imported to the U.S. via darknet platforms. Apart from dealing in drugs, a critical feature of his crime included the use of cryptocurrency to ply his trade.

It is said that the undercover buys by CST operatives led to the arrest of the man – where he was busted in the act of trying to purchase a quantity of Xanax via darknet using virtual money. The purchase of Xanax pills was followed by shipping of the drugs to his residence in Statesboro. It is at this point that detectives managed to intercept the consignment that bore over 1, 100 pressed pills, which bore markings that were inconsistent with any FDA-approved drugs developed in the U.S.

Castillo was arrested and charged with trading in a Schedule IV drug, possessing a Schedule IV drug for the purpose of distribution, possessing a gun during under criminal circumstances, and the unlawful attempt to distribute a Schedule IV drug. Further charges were connected to his possession of 1 ounce of marijuana and a drug-related item.

Castillo is still in custody, held without bond, at the Bulloch County Jail pending further court proceedings.

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