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SmokersCo Website Review

A review of the SmokersCo website based on user friendliness and functionality…
A review of the SmokersCo website based on user friendliness and functionality as a platform that helps users buy weed from all over the world

Before we check out the SmokersCo website, there are a number of things that you should know about the platform.

First, the site only deals in the selling of weed and medical marijuana and has created a platform that seeks to democratize drugs for users who are looking for top quality that is often not easily found on the streets. In the words of the admin, who we interviewed recently, the purpose of the marketplace is to enable users to have the freedom to choose different varieties of weed that best suit their interests and preferences basically being the “Amazon” for weed consumers and enthusiasts.

The other important thing to note is that the marketplace has integrated both Monero and Bitcoin payments in order to offer users the much-needed flexibility when choosing the cryptocurrency of choice. Quite obviously, the decision to incorporate Monero payments was to accord users the extra online security and anonymity they require considering that Monero payments tend to be more private than those conducted in Bitcoin.

A Color-Relevant Landing Page

The SmokersCo website’s landing page gives users a clear idea of what to expect. It has very good graphics depicting marijuana, and this is well captured in both photos and the green colour scheme. A quick glance at the landing page shows a message that provides an assurance to users that they are in the right place – the platform has gone further to provide links to guides about “how to order weed online” as well as information about “medical cannabis”. This is especially something to check out especially if you are now to online drug marketplaces (See screenshot)   Figure 1: SmokersCo website landing page.

The landing page has also listed four of SmokersCo’s main pillars that define their service delivery. They are:

• Trust – they guarantee that you are going to receive the shipments you order.

• Lowest price – they do not charge the 6 percent fee that can be incurred when trying to shop on other darknet platforms.

• Safest website- they boast of being safe and reliable owing to the robust cybersecurity frameworks that they have installed.

• Highest quality – the platform claims that it only works with weed growers that implement only organic farming methods.

The other important pieces of information that is found on the landing page is “News” that serves to provide updates to users about new stock. You will also find a list of the discussion forums where SmokersCo is being discussed, in addition to information about working hours and contact details.


This tab is divided into “weed”, “hash” and “concentrates” so as to make your shopping experience easy and fast. The “weed” section, for example, opens up to the various listings that are quoted in euros (See below)   Figure 2: Weed listings on the SmokersCo website

Feedback System

SmokersCo has also provided the opportunity for users to leave their feedback. This section can be accessed on a tab called “Reviews”. On clicking on the tab, we were surprised to find so many positive ones except a few users that reported issues with logistics.     Figure 3: customer feedback on the SmokersCo website.

SmokersCo Affiliate Program

The tab “Affiliates” provides more information about the SmokersCo Affiliates Program that helps content creators, publishers, and bloggers monetize their traffic or just whoever wants to invite friends to Smoking. With various of products and programs available on SmokersCo, affiliates use simple link building tools to direct their audience to the products they recommend and earn money from purchases.


Another very important tab on the SmokersCo website is named “Wiki” and provides important tutorials for users. You can access Bitcoin tutorials, Security tutorials, PGP tutorials as well as app tutorials. Verdict

We really liked how simple and straightforward the Smokers Co. website is. It provides quick links to the resources you may need and we must admit that we had an easy time navigating through it. Feel free to head over to the site and start shopping. We have outlined the official links below.

Main link: http://pt2mftbxeczbzufi2v7b3ekmsun4khq6hi7bdjo7w23fsx3easvr73ad.onion/


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