Guides and Review Jan 07, 2023

Secure Phone and Hack Phone Android Intensive

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  • Let’s create a phone using ANDROID OS as an example
  • With protection against network traffic interception;
  • With notification about substitution of the base station (BS);
  • By choosing open source firmware or removing built-in backdoors (yes, yes, they’re present in almost every firmware!);
  • By encrypting it and making it resistant to forensics;
  • Discuss backup and recovery methods, as well as encryption for secure storage;
  • Talking about antiviruses for Android: are they useful and which one to choose?
  • We will highlight services of automatic caller’s number detection, as well as services of automatic call recording of GSM standard and messengers;
  • Figuring out the safest messengers of the 3 dominant types (federated, centralized, and p2p);
  • Protecting sim cards, types of root and frameworks to change OS function on the fly;
  • Using VPN for smartphone;
  • Protecting the phone’s DNS from spoofing;
  • Using firewalls for Android;
  • By protecting your smartphone from being tapped by third-party applications;
  • Safely deleting files, with a clear understanding of why you can’t give your phone to repair or sell it without first scrubbing it.


  • Phone as a pentester tool that is always on hand
  • Phone as a bootable flash drive for hacking and administering Windows;
  • Phone as a BAD UASB tool to deliver a payload;
  • Net Hunter and its installation types, directly on the phone, or as an element of Smartphone firmware;

Testing router security via Smartphone;

Setting up and optimizing Termux to work with root rights and pentester frameworks for “underhand” testing


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