General News Jan 09, 2023

Scientists have been banned from using ChatGPT in their writing

The text created could lead to massive scandals and lawsuits between scientists….

The text created could lead to massive scandals and lawsuits between scientists. ICML leaders have banned scientists from submitting articles that are created using huge LLMs, such as ChatGPT ( ChatGPT).

Papers with generated text are forbidden if the text is not part of the experimental study of articles. However, scholars can use AI to correct text to improve its style or grammar. The ICML academies, to protect against spam, have banned the acceptance of articles created with the help of III. Note that the rules are not legally established, so they may still change in the future.

Depending on whether or not scientists adhere to the rule depends on their decision. Currently, there are no tools to effectively detect generated text, so the ICML will only rely on those who note in the process of examining suspicious documents. Generated texts often contain real errors, and authors must be heavily edited by the AI text to ensure that they are not suspicious.

Types of language models such as ChatGpt are trained on text from the Internet. They have learned to find common patterns between words to predict what to write next, using textual instructions or prompts. The question arises as to whether these systems work by plagiarizing authors? There is currently no evidence that ChatGPT directly copies the text of its article, but its results are based on human letters.


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