Hacking Feb 27, 2023

Russian hackers intend to create an analog of the Mirai malware

According to our informant, hackers are preparing a large-scale attack…

According to our informant, hackers are preparing a large-scale attack on governmental networks. According to insider information, Zarya cooperates with the well-known Akur Group, which is a hosting provider of sites that host information resources of such organizations.

Radware security experts report that Zarya was involved to increase its influence in the digital world.

Last year, Killnet created one of its “Zarya” units, which immediately attacked NATO government networks.

Mirai is an open-source malware, and because of that, a huge number of forks were created. All of its copies use different protocols for communication with the server, but what they have in common is the use of untrusted credentials for brute-force attacks.

The most famous of the forks are Dark Mirai, Moobot.

The malware uses open servers to create a powerful botnet, which is used to conduct DDOS or other operations that require a large number of devices.


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