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Review: Popular Anonymous Messaging Apps

People have become more cautious on just who is ready to snoop on their…

People have become more cautious on just who is ready to snoop on their online information, and it is not uncommon for a client feels neurotic about their information security.

The hacking news and NSA reconnaissance highlighted on the web has resulted in utmost care when it comes to communicating. In as much as it is essential to the government and particular organizations that whatever happens online should be recorded; and in most cases for security purposes, you and I know very well that our privacy must remain as it were: private.

For every problem, someone will undoubtedly seek to come up with a solution for the same, and as such, application engineers are up and about creating and sharing programs with the public which enable each one to choose what they can expose and what to cover.

Several messaging applications will ensure that only you and the recipient get to receive and access the information sent. Every given application has its advantages and disadvantages, but the bottom line is you get to enjoy your privacy.

To keep the dozens of conversations around the world amongst friends, family, partners and most importantly official messages private, you will need to pick a suitable messaging app. The apps offer end-to-end encryption, where the message is scrambled so that the sender and the receiver are the only ones who can decipher the communication.

Here are some of the top anonymous messaging apps.


ICQ is an instant messaging application developed in 1996 and has been going through the stages of development for the past two decades. ICQ apps are in different versions depending on the kind of device you use.

ICQ for Android allows you to send instant messages with Chat rooms, is encrypted and safe for video calling. The ICQ for iPhone has evolved through a series of new versions with the latest being version 8.0, which has a new input field for sending files.

 You can now view the full list of participants in large groups. The camera and gallery and everything you require to share at hand in one click, right in the input field. The ICQ app allows you to enjoy encrypted calls and high-quality video calls and chat with an unlimited number of participants and channels.

The app also offers synchronized chats across all devices. Available ICQ apps for the other devices include Desktop apps such as ICQ for Windows, ICQ for Mac OS X, ICQ for Linux (x64) and ICQ for Linux (x32). The Web app is ICQ Web-version.


Jabber mobile app is designed initially to provide instant messaging (IM), voice messaging and video calling. Jabber calls can be escalated into multi-party conferencing with Cisco WebEx Meetings.

Also, it allows users to log into your computer and mobile device simultaneously. The integrated collaboration applies both on the on-premises as well as cloud-based collaboration architectures. The Jabber app is suitable for Apple and Android devices.

The latest Cisco Jabber for iPhone and iPad release 12.6 is compatible with iOS 11 running on several selected Apple iPhones and iPads, including Apple watches. Jabber app supports, among others, high-quality video with interoperability to Cisco TelePresence and other video endpoints.

Others include integrated voice, IM, presence, visual voicemail and meeting control in Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) meeting. For correct connectivity, ensure that you consult the administration and IT specialist for the proper connectivity with the right device.


An American software company founded by Dr Robert Statica and Kara Coppa in 2012, Wickr instant messaging app offers end-to-end encryption, and content-expiring messages, photos, videos, file attachments and you can place end-to-end encryption on video conference calls.

Wickr provides you with some of its security solutions for your personal, team, professional, or enterprise needs. They include:

  • Wickr Pro app is ideal for a team of up to 10 people. It is easy to set up, and within minutes you can invite your team to join your private Wickr Network. You can download the mobile version or the Desktop version.
  • Wickr Me is convenient for everyone who values privacy.  You can download the mobile or desktop version.
  • Wickr Enterprise app is available at a fee for an organized set-up or group.

Messages and transactions under this app are secured with military-grade encryption. This app is the most trusted and highly used by politicians who are keen on secrecy and privacy.

However, due to the app’s effectiveness in clearing information entirely from all angles, it has been abused by drug dealers, and partners in crime, and in illicit affairs.


Signal is a fast, secure and straightforward app that has millions of subscribers using it. An Oscar-award winning filmmaker and journalist, Laura Poitras, described Signal as the most scalable encryption tool that is free and peer-reviewed, and added that she would encourage people to use it every day.

These are sentiments that have been echoed by several high-end profile individuals, including an internationally renowned security technologist, Bruce Schneier who refers to Signal  as his first choice for an encrypted conversation.

This messaging app allows you to say anything, speak freely, stay private, control time in addition to being free for everyone. Send high-quality videos, text, document, voice and picture messages anywhere in the world SMS or MMS fees.

You can make crystal-clear voice calls and video calls across the borders at a fixed rate charge. No one, including the developers, can read or listen to your communications. You can choose the different disappearing intervals for your messages.


Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application and is cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service. Users can send and receive videos, stickers, photos audio and all kind of files.

We have Telegram client apps that are available are for Android, Windows phone, Linux, macOS, Windows NT and iOS. Under the web apps, we have Telegram Web-version and Telegram Chrome app.

 Using Telegram Database Library, a client is able create custom apps on the Telegram platform. Telegram has published a source code that allows security researchers to  evaluate their end-to-end encryption implementation fully.


Viber Messenger is a free, simple, fast and secure messaging and calling app with over 1 billion users worldwide. Viber connects people around the world through both mobile and computer and the free calls and other services apply to the Viber subscribers.

Features in this app include group messaging, videos, stickers and photo sharing. Free group chat is a common feature with Viber, and a majority of young people have subscribed into group chats. We, however, have had negative outcomes when it comes to these groupings which host up to 200 people. Individuals may choose to post any content that may not be suitable for the other users, besides fueling the increase in cyberbullying.


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