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New Evidence Suggests That Bitcoin Founder Also Created Monero

An investigation by Monero Outreach suggests that Bitcoin’s founder may…

A study conducted by Monero Outreach indicates the likelihood that Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto may have also established the privacy-centric cryptocurrency Monero. This suggestion stems from a text analysis conducted by the workgroup of the decentralized Monero community which claims that Nakamoto and Nicolas Van Saberhagen may be the same person.

Arguably, the identities of the Bitcoin and Monero founders have stood to be among the greatest mysteries within the cryptocurrency industry. Monero’s origin can be traced back to a whitepaper titled “CryptoNote 1.0”, a document that spelled the creation of a new type of digital current called the privacy coins.

CryptoNote 1.0 was created to enhance the structure of the Bitcoin blockchain, fixing the prevailing issues concerning the pioneer cryptocurrency by smoothening its transaction script, twitching the block rewards and tuning the block sizes.

The Bitcoin-Monero Nexus

Taking reference from the Bitcoin Whitepaper (PDF) and Monero’s CryptoNote Whitepaper (PDF), Monero Outreach launched an investigation to unravel mysteries surrounding the two crypto founders.

According to their study, it was found that the writer of the Bitcoin whitepaper had a well-defined intention for authoring the Monero whitepaper. The Monero Outreach Investigation succeeded in establishing traces of events that suggested a direct relationship between the two whitepapers and their creators. Thus:

In an August 2010 newsgroup posting, the Bitcoin founder wrote about ideas that would provide cryptocurrency privacy – the concepts would later appear in the Monero whitepaper. The ideas posted by Nakamoto surrounded topics such as stealth addresses that would conceal the identities of crypto recipients during transactions, and ring signatures that hid the identity of senders.

Monero Outreach went further to intimate that the Bitcoin founder was able to identify the shortcomings that affected Bitcoin use. Interestingly, the study found a rather striking relationship between the crypto improvements that were introduced by Monero and the ideas that had been proposed by Satoshi.

Similarities Between the Bitcoin and Monero Whitepaper

Using the Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program, (JGAAP) the writing analysis by Monero Outreach has detected a clear similarity in writing style between the two whitepapers. The writing analysis depended on the exposed timeline, which drew critical conclusions from the aforementioned styling software.

Importantly, the research team provides that Satoshi’s writing style was strikingly similar to that of Saberhagen compared to any other Monero guru. Thus, according to the study:

The creator of the CryptoNote whitepaper is possibly the same writer of the Bitcoin whitepaper and not any of the 15 critical papers drawn from the Monero literature. The stylometry theory states that Nicholas Van Saberhagen’s literature has a lot of similarity with that of Satoshi Nakamoto’s writing than with the 15 leading Monero experts.

Monero’s Outreach creative director remarked on the findings of the study by pointing out the “crazy” comparisons between the Bitcoin and Monero Whitepaper, and joked about the research team christening the author “Satoshi Van Sabenhagen”.

Nonetheless, the study acknowledged the possibility that their findings were probably the outcome of chance – meaning that there is a lack of direct relationship between the two authors.

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