Crypto Feb 13, 2022

Introducing Tape Word Token (TWT) & Our NFT Collection of Forbidden Projects

Tape Project has introduced a new token called TapeWord Token (TWT) alongside…

As part of our commitment to placing you, a member of the Tape community, on the first lane of the crypto and underground economies, we are pleased to introduce our newest addition to our collection of services – Tape Word Token (TWT) and Tape’s NFT collection of forbidden projects.

Figure 1: TWT token metrics.

We first made the announcement on our Twitter page and called for anyone looking to invest our crypto and NFT experience to stay tuned as we share more exciting news about the latest developments (See below).

Figure 2: Announcing TWT on Twitter.

About TapeWord Token (TWT)

TWT is here to provide a universal platform where the Tape community (and beyond) will be able to freely share informative articles and news stories without fear of being identified, judged, or (even worse) prosecuted.

As a journalist looking to speak about controversial and potentially self-incriminating topics, your voice will be heard in a unique and resounding way – and you’ll get paid for it!

Users will publish their stories on the “guest contributor section” of the Tape News website. In addition to benefitting from online anonymity as guaranteed by our platform’s security features, they will be paid in TWT. Token holders can choose to invest their TWT by taking advantage of our rapidly growing Tape community.

In order to take full advantage of the economic opportunities around TWT, users will benefit from various conversations hosted on the Tape form about the best ways they can use to profit from their investment.

Importantly, TWT will provide one of the most innovative ways for people to get passive income while fighting for universal freedom of speech. Users holding the token will receive a daily dividend, in addition to the direct payments that will be made to those who will publish news-worthy or interesting stories on the “guest contributor section” of the Tape clearnet site.

Our NFT Collection of Forbidden Projects

We are pioneering a new marketplace for art pieces that would otherwise NOT SELL on mainstream platforms by integrating the idea of having a collection of NFTs of various forbidden projects.

To this effect, we have already prepared 10 NFTs about Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht that will be minted on Solana network. Our choice of Solana is pegged on the fact that it’s currently one of the fastest cryptocurrencies on the block, boasting low transaction fees that has made it become a powerful alternative to Ethereum (See screenshot below).

Figure 3: presenting Tape's first NFT collection.

An Entire Ecosystem

TWT and our NFT collection of forbidden projects form part of the Tape ecosystem that is fashioned to ensure that all investors, supporters and partners use the power of voice to create wealth.

As an overview, the Tape ecosystem is comprised of the following key components;

  • Tape Token on BSC
  • Crypto-Link Center
  • NFT on Solana, Ethereum and BSC Network                 
  • Staking & Swap
  • App for IOS and Android
  • Powerful community 
  • Reviews and Fraud watch

We encourage you to read more about the latest developments and follow updates via our social media handles: Telegram – @NewsbyTape & Twitter – NewsbyTape)


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