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Interview with the Admin of Breaking Bad Forum for Drug Manufacturers

Tape News had an exclusive interview with the admin of the Breaking Bad…

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Tape News had a chat with the admin of one of the newest players in the dark web chemical forum space – Breaking Bad forum. We had a quick chat with the admin to learn about the platform’s history, present activities and ambitions for the dark web community.

Figure 1: The Welcome message on the Breaking Bad chemical forum landing page.

Here were the main responses, which you will find interesting from the personal perspective of the admin of a forum that caters for users looking to gain from reagent procurement, synthesis and sales:

Tape News: What is Breaking Bad, and what services do you offer?

Breaking Bad admin: Breaking Bad is a forum for manufacturers of synthetic psychoactive substances. The project team was actively involved in the synthesis of various substances, but now retired. So now we are ready to share our experience, because a lot depends on the correct methodology: the quality of the final substance, cost, labor costs and safety.

Our project was created for a specific purpose – to provide informational support for cooks. We openly discuss production methodologies and public suppliers of precursors. In a private conversation, we are ready to provide targeted support on specific issues of organizing and supplying laboratories. There are no quite similar projects, so interested users will find a lot of interesting stuff on the pages of our forum and in private chats.

Tape News: How is Breaking Bad different from other chemical forums on the dark web?

Breaking Bad admin: It so happened that there is still no necessary information on the web. Professional cooks do not have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge they need.

Importantly, there are some sites with similar information on synthesis, but they are all limited to minimal amounts, old techniques, and do not consider technology in the context of security, accessibility or complexity.

Our project will also be of interest to people who want to gain more information about substances. We consider in detail the issues of analysis, we offer available methods for determining the quality of substances in kitchen conditions. Many people will be interested in the features of the pharmacological effects of various substances.

Tape News: What are some of the OPSEC mechanisms that you have put in place to ensure that users operate anonymously and safely?

Breaking Bad admin: Our project is conditionally open, most of the information is public, and so we have not developed any special technical measures for protecting it.

Having said that, users can anonymously obtain the necessary information without registration, or register and ask team a question, or contact the reagent supplier via private messages. We do not restrict communication between users and the exchange of contacts, therefore, if users need to provide any personal information, it is safer for them to use encrypted Jabber.

Joining Breaking Bad

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