Drugs Jan 31, 2023

Increasingly, illicit substance dealers are migrating to confidential Android apps

A new trend was spotted by Resecurity analysts around the start of Q3 2022,…

A new trend was spotted by Resecurity analysts around the start of Q3 2022, according to SecurityLab. According to experts, Darknet marketplaces have begun actively building and distributing their Android apps to promote illicit substances in order to respond to law enforcement pressure.

According to Resecurity, several smaller marketplaces – Yakudza, TomFord24, 24Deluxe, PNTS-32, Flakka24, 24Cana, MapSTGK – have attempted to take over some of the base of the destroyed Hydra marketplace, as well as releasing apps on CMS M-Cloud.

“Some of these mobile apps were found on cell phones seized by suspects in drug trafficking schemes,” experts said. “The mobile app allows data on orders with a prohibited substance to be transmitted with a picture of the item, the price and the coordinate of the parcels as images, which provides security.”

When such information is shared across several different apps, it entails data fragmentation, limiting law enforcement’s ability to track couriers and customers. Resecurity analysts believe that virtually all marketplaces launching this year will have their own Android app, trying to replace it with forums and various platforms for selling illicit products.


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