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Icarus Market Review

Icarus Market has no products of its own. He is an intermediary between…

Icarus Market has no products of its own. He is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. In fact, the market is analogous to the clearnet resources of AliExpress, Ebay, Amazon.

Link: http://tjfr4vfwmq6df4hc.onion/


What can I buy on the site?

Today the site has a wide range of products: drugs, hacking, carding services, counterfeit products and many other less popular categories of goods.


Are there any prohibited items on the market?

In Icarus Market, it is strictly forbidden to sell weapons and illegal porn materials.


Payment methods on the site.

The service has the ability to pay in BTC and Monero. To conduct a transaction, the user must first deposit funds on the trading platform.


Security assurance.

Icarus Market offers PGP and 2-FA security systems. However, PGP encryption is not automatic; the client encrypts data manually. Also on the site there is a system of mnemonic codes.


Do I need to register to work with the site?


To use the market, you need to register. This takes a few seconds and guarantees the protection of user data, since a security phrase is specified during registration. It is designed to protect against phishing sites.



The Icarus Market service provides many services for the search and purchase of goods. However, it can be quite difficult for new users to learn all the features of the site. Also, sometimes during DDoS attacks, the site stops working for a while.


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