General News Mar 05, 2020

HugBunter Announces the Launch of Recon

Dread forum operator HugBunter announces the launch of the darknet market…

Dark web users received good news about the launch of Recon (reconponydonugup.onion/) – the new search engine created by Dread forum operator HugBunter.

Recon was created with the intention of according darknet citizens the opportunity to experience the world of dark web browsing conveniently. Essentially, Recon is designed to operate as a dedicated search engine for darknet markets, enabling users to make searches according to specific markets and vendors.

The search engine will be very useful to customers aiming to precisely pin point preferred vendors that may have switched platforms. Otherwise, this function may turn out to be of great advantage to darknet historians looking to accurately understand the dark web ecosystem.

Considering the potential usefulness of darknet tools, Recon just proved a suitable replacement for Grams, indicating the plethora of options and possibilities that will be placed at the users’ disposal.

In addition, HugBunter, the notorious darknet figure that created the search engine, lauded the achievement as the creation of the “largest darknet market vendor archive service in existence.

In a signed message, the Recon creator assured users that they are set to reap maximum benefits from a highly-researched tool that marks a “huge darknet markets-related event”

 A signed message by HugBunter to announce the launch of Recon Beta

At this point, it is clear that Recon has a bright future if the current user acceptance is anything to go by. Apart from HugBunter’s clear show of pride in the new milestone – the product of an 18-month-long undertaking that birthed the search engine- a section of users hit the comment section under the announcement on Dread to express their views after first touch.

One user compared Recon’s entry into the darknet scene with the Silkroad days, voicing their excitement. Another user, DoctorPhawkes, prasied the efforts made by the team behind the new darknet tool and spoke of their excitement to engage the new service.

A Dread forum user comments on the launch of Recon
A Dread forum user comments on the launch of Recon

Otherwise, when all is said and done, it is worth noting that darknet users have always been known to be paranoid. The fact that HugBunter has continued to make critical decisions for the darknet community may end in the germination of concerns about the Dread forum operator’s power – remembering the fate of darknet kingpins like Dread Pirate Roberts.

For now, though, darknet users appear contented with the status quo and look forward to the expansion of their favorite dark web platforms accompanied by the building of trust and mitigation of harm.


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