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How use KeePassXS?

KeePassXC – is a free and open source password manager for storing…

KeePassXC – is a free and open source password manager for storing and managing passwords. It is the successor to the popular KeePassX password manager, but has a number of new features and improvements. Users can store their passwords in a secure database with AES encryption, create complex passwords, automatically fill in login fields, and much more. KeePassXC supports a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is a good choice for those who want to store their passwords in a safe place and avoid using weak passwords or reusing the same password across multiple sites.

Creating a KeePassXC database

Before creating a new database make sure that you have set up and unlocked the persistent volume.

On the welcome screen, click on ‘Create new database’. Alternatively, click on “Database” in the menu bar -> “New database”.

[Make sure you save the database on the persistent volume. If you fail to do this your database will be gone when you restart Tails.]

You will now enter your master password. This is the only password you will need to remember since it will be used to keep all your stored secrets safe. It must not be easy to bruteforce or guessable by an attacker, anyone that can guess your master password has access to ALL secrets in the database.

The best way to create a password that is both strong and memorable is to create a mnemonic. A mnemonic of at least 5 words or more is recommended.

You can use the built-in passphrase generator for inspiration. Click on the dice button in the toolbar. Under the password field select “Passphrase”. Adjust the word count to the desired length. Then keep pressing “Generate” until you come across one you like. Press “Copy” to copy the passphrase to the clipboard and close the password generation window by pressing the dice button once more.

Think of a story that incorporates all the words in the phrase, this will help you to remember your mnemonic. If you fear you might forget your password you can write it down on a piece of paper and store it in an inconspicous location until you know it by heart.

After entering your password, click “OK”.

[You should now restart Tails to make sure that your database is on the persistent volume and that you can still open it.]

Opening a KeePassXC database

If the program isn’t already opened go to “Applications” -> “Accessories” -> “KeePassXC” to start KeePassXC.

Click on “Open existing database”. Then navigate to the directory where you stored your database, and double click on the .kdbx file.

Now enter you master password and click “Ok”.

Adding entries

Let us say you want to add the login credentials of a market account. To do that, click on “Entries” -> “ Add new entry”. Set the title to the name of the market, and the username to your market username. To generate a password, click on the dice button located on the right side. To see the password click on the eye button right below the dice icon.

It is recommended to also click on the button called like “/*_…” which is on the right of the button “0-9”. This adds special characters to your password and thus makes it stronger. If you are okay with the password, just click on the “Apply” button next to the password customization options.

To be sure that you have set the correct password you can click on the eye button above the dice button. This will show you the same password you picked in the “Password” and “Repeat” input field. Done! Now just click on “OK” to confirm and you should see the new entry in the list.


On Tails, the database is automatically saved after every change. If you are saving valuable information, like a cryptocurrency seed, verify that the database was saved correctly by closing and reopening the database and checking if your entry is stored in the database.

Accessing secrets

Right click on the entry you want to use (e.g. the one named after the market on which you want to login). This will open up a context menu and allow you to copy the username or password to the clipboard.

Now all you have to do is go to the market site (e.g. registration page or login page) and paste that password there. Your clipboard will automatically clear after 10 seconds, so be quick.

To access other information stored in the entry, right click on it and then move the cursor over “Copy attribute to clipboard”.

[You can also double click on an entry to bring up the editor, but be careful that you don’t accidentally overwrite any important information.]


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