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How to Buy On ToRReZ Market

Here’s a simple guide on how to buy both physical and digital items on…

ToRReZ Market is hailed as the most capable dark web market replacement for White House Market that exited the darknet scene recently. The platform possesses a set of desirable attributes that accord it all the advantages over the one-time largest underground marketplace in 2021.

At the time of writing this article, ToRReZ boasted 358,542 customers, and 2486 vendors trading 57,466 product listings categorized as follows:

  • Tutorials and e-books with the following subcategories; Money, Carding, Hacking, Drugs and Social Engineering.
  • Software & Malware with the following subcategories: Crackers, Security Software, Legit, Carded, Botnets, Malware, Trojans and Exploits.
  • Carded Items with the following subcategories: Clothes and Electronics (Phones and laptops)
  • Fraud with the following subcategories: Dumps & Tracks, Accounts (PayPal, Online Money Accounts, Emails, Voice, Crypto, Porn, Movies, Databases, Bank & Accounts), CVV & Credit Cards (BINs, Credit Cards, Carding Guides & Physical Cards), Personal Information (Scans, templates, Fake IDs & Fullz), Services (Social Engineering, Social Media, Hosting & VPS, Domains, VPN, RDP, Socks, Carding, Hacking & Cracking)
  • Drugs and Chemicals with the following subcategories: Cannabis & Hash (Buds & Flowers, Hash, Vaping, Edibles, Seeds, Synthetic, Shake, Prerolls, Topical, E-Juice, and Concentrates), Stimulants (Cocaine, Crack, Vyvanse, Adderal, Speed, Meth, TMA and 4-FA), Opiates (Hydrocodone, Morphine, Opium, Buprenorphine, Codeine, heroin, RC, Oxycodone and Hydromorphone), Benzos (Pills, Powder, and RC), Paraphernalia (Stash and Storage, Scales, Smoking Accessories, Sniff Tools, Bags and packaging), Anaesthetics, Precursors, Psychedelics (LSD, DMT, Mescaline, Mushrooms, 2C-B, 5-MeO-DMT, DOB, DOC, and DOM), Ecstasy (MDMA and Pills), Dissociatives (Ketamine, GBL, GHB and MXE), Prescriptions Drugs, Steroids, Tobacco, Weight loss and Accessories.
  • Counterfeit (Jewelry, Money, Clothers, Electronics, Watches and Fake IDs.

ToRReZ differs from other marketplaces by boasting a “community-driven user base” as well as the multisig payment feature that’s safer than basic Escrow and Finalize Early. Essentially, multisig cushions the platform’s users from the possibility of losing their funds even in the context of law enforcement seizures that have proved so in the past.

Importantly, the process of buying stuff on ToRReZ is quite easy. Finding the product that you need will begin by accessing the market’s official link and going through the site registration process that follows after the site’s anti-DDoS firewall.

Creators of the site have permitted both the grid and list views to ensure that you have a friendly experience shopping for goods and services (See below).

Figure 1: The List and Grid View boxes circled as shown.

Otherwise, you can also use the market’s Advanced Search function to find the product that you are looking for. The filter option can also help you fine-tune your search process in a bid to sort all current results by matching your specific needs.

Choose a product

Once you find the item that you want to buy, you will then go ahead and click on the product picture (for grid view) or the product title (for list view) to initiate the purchase process.

Either way will direct you to the item details as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Figure 2: Item details for a listing of 56 grams of uncut cocaine.

Before going ahead to place the order, you will need to approve the particular item’s refund policy. This differs from one item to the next in light of the Refund Ratio set – the refund ratio denotes the percentage of the purchase value that can be recovered by the buyer during refunds.

Choose Payment Options

Once you initiate the purchase, you will arrive at the order summary that provides an opportunity to select your preferred payment option.

Take note that vendors have different preferences concerning the crypto options available – whether Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin or Zcash. The fact that ToRReZ has integrated four coins adds to its competitive edge when compared side-by-side with other markets.

At this stage, you will also make a decision about whether you want to pay via basic escrow, or multisig that’s highly recommended as the safest option. For users who have enough crypto on their on-site wallet, they’ll be able to make payment from their balance with clearly marked buttons for such types of payments.

Another point to remember is that multisig payments demand a public key that will be used in the refund process, ToRReZ market recommends that you obtain your public key from Electrum. Here are the steps:

  • Choose Addresses tab in your Electrum wallet.
  • Find the address you have used as a refund address.
  • Use mouse right click on the exact address and choose Details link from the menu.
  • Your address public key is now visible in Public Keys section. Just copy it.

Take note that the above step is only applicable to Multisignature Escrow for Bitcoin and Litecoin only. After copying your public key, you’ll go ahead to paste it to the Corresponding Public Key field.

Provide Shipping Information

The next step will be to provide shipping information if you are ordering a physical iietm with manual delivery. The vendor should be furnished with details that would help them get your stuff to your location.

You’ll be able to see the vendor’s PGP key to prove their authenticity. ToRReZ takes the initiative to encrypt your initial message in case you forget to do so. Remember that for digital products with auto delivery, you will need to leave the message empty lest the auto delivery will be automatically stopped.

You will then click on PLACE ORDER button to complete the process. This action will take you to the order review step where you’ll have the chance to crosscheck the information that you have provided to ascertain that everything is fine. At this point, you can choose to proceed with making the order, make amends to the details or cancel the order.

Making the Payment

As a buyer, you can choose to make payment through the onsite wallet. As described by ToRReZ, if you hold enough funds on your onsite wallet, the system will display your Onsite Wallet payment buttons which you can use for paying. All you have to do is to choose from which balance you want the funds to be taken from and confirm your order.

Otherwise, you can also pay through the Direct Payment System. To do this, you will need to select the crypto that you intend to use. You will then receive the payment address in the payment message, signed with PGP key. If you still did not import our public keys, this would be the right time to do so.

The market will allow 4 transaction maximum per one purchase. It means that you can pay for one purchase with up to 4 transactions. ToRReZ advises against making more than one transaction per purchase, for cybersecurity reasons. If you fail to pay the required amount in 4 transactions, order will be cancelled and funds will be automatically refunded to you.

When you choose multisig, you will also see your redeem script. You can copy it and save in some safe place, you might need it. In case you forget it, the ToRReZ team will show the redeem script on your order page for the whole time.

After you pay for the order, the Payment Details section will refresh itself and let you proceed further. You can also easily close the page and come back to it any time you want. You will find this purchase in your order list.

The Final Process

The final stage will direct you to your actual order page. At this point, you’ll be able to track the order’s status, receive autodelivery items for digital products, open dispute or just engage the vendor or ToRReZ admin.

Once your order is completed by the vendor, you will either dispute order or finalize order.

Finalize Order

The Finalize Order will differ from one payment option to the next. In the context of simple escrow payment, you will only need to hit the Finalize button followed by the vendor review process where you’ll be allowed to leave feedback for the vendor. Take note that you will have a 30-day window to do this.

For multisig orders, you’ll be able to see the transaction hex. This option will allow you to sign a transaction if you approve the order without further reservations. You can also decide to do nothing about it and wait for the vendor to sign the transaction. After this, you’ll then be allowed to leave feedback.

For those opting for Finalize Early, they will either dispute the order or mark the order as complete and leave feedback as appropriate.



Dispute Order

Compared to competing platforms, the dispute resolution system on ToRReZ Market is quite seamless. Here’s how it works:

The process is initiated when a buyer presses the Dispute button to cancel all automation. The market will then launch a communication channel for both buyer and vendor sides; the ToRReZ admin will gain awareness of the issue and have access to the communication taking place between the disputing parties.

In cases where both the buyer and vendor fail to agree, the market’s admin will step in to make a conclusive decision. In some cases, the buyer can decide to close and finalize the Dispute without assistance from the marketplace admin.


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