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How safe is it to buy goods on the Darkweb?

What do you need to know when ordering goods or services from the dark…

What do you need to know when ordering goods or services from the dark web?

The dark web is a part of the Internet that is not accessible to ordinary users who use popular browsers. This network contains both legal and illegal resources (but in most cases illegal), where you can buy anything and order services that you won’t find on the regular Internet.

But how safe is it to buy goods on the DarkWeb?

You already know that DarkWEb contains many illegal resources, such as websites selling drugs, weapons, stolen data, credit cards and other illegal goods and services. Therefore, if you decide to buy something from DarkWEb, you need to be very careful!

However, if you still want to order something from DarkWeb, you should follow certain rules to minimise the risks.

Given that the danger of the DarkWeb awaits inexperienced users everywhere, there are a few rules to keep in mind that will minimise the risks when using the dark web. Here is a list of these rules:

  1. Never use your own email address (gmail, mail ru, etc.) to register on DarkWeb sites.
  2. Always use the verified URL of the site you are going to before ordering anything.
  3. Use only secure browsers that support encryption (Tor Browser, Epic Browser, SRWare Iron, and similar) to protect your data from interception.
  4. Never disclose your real name, personal information, or any information that can be used to find you in real life.
  5. Be careful when purchasing goods that are illegal in your country. This may lead to questions from law enforcement agencies.
  6. Before purchasing an item, be sure to check the seller’s rating and feedback from previous buyers. If the seller’s rating is low or suspicious, it is better to choose another seller. It is important to choose sellers with a good reputation and positive feedback from previous customers.
  7. Important!!! Use secure payment methods!!! If you are ordering something from DarkWeb, it is a wise decision to use cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), which is quite popular among DarkWeb users. Cryptocurrencies ensure the confidentiality of transactions, but make it impossible to get a refund in case of fraud.
  8. Do not forget about VPNs and other means of anonymity to avoid the risk of being found out.


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