Drugs Mar 10, 2020

Hobart Resident to Serve 50 Months for Selling Drugs on Darknet Markets

Earlier last week, a resident of Hobart was sentenced to serve a 50 months…

Earlier last week, a resident of Hobart was sentenced to serve a 50 months jail sentence after he was busted for trafficking drugs and controlled substances globally over the dark web.

The twenty-seven-year-old individual identified as Christopher D. Bania has to surrender his ill acquired assets, which include but are not limited to a $1.5 million crypto reserve and a provisional sum of $85,000 in fiat cash. This surrender is as per an order enforced by a U.S district judge, William Griesbach.

Undertakings of the Culprit

In light of his plea bargain, Bania was an Ecstacy, Cocaine and LSD trader. He sold his illicit products to a variety of dark web commerce sites such as Zion, Dream Market, WallStreet, Hansa, and Alpha Bay.

The culprit has had on previous occasions been arrested and charged for drug-related offenses, in which he pleaded guilty in only one instance.

He is accused of owning a house where he stores drugs, facilitating the importation of controlled substances from foreign countries and conducting transactions on unlawful activity over the darknet.

The Verdict

In the course of the court proceeding, Judge Griesbach was keen to notice the culprit's almost clean record, his evident contribution to his immediate community, and the undyingly vibrant confidence and support Bania had from friends and family who filled up the courtroom.

However, the judge declared that despite Bania being a confessed drug user, the primary intent of his possession leaned more towards him selling the drugs as opposed to him using them for personally.

Prior to his bargain, Bania was facing a minimum of up to eighty years in federal custody. But he will serve a term not exceeding three years and two months.

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