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Guides and Review onion sites: access the best Dark Web pages safely.

Read to learn how to use the Tor Browser safely. See which…

Guides and Review Onion Sites: Latest News, Access Details, and Safety Recommendations.

The Deep Web – and more specifically, the Dark Web – is a must-visit place for everyone worried about their privacy and eager to ensure utmost anonymity for their online activities. Granted, there are parts of the Darknet that are colonized by criminal characters looking to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors; however, there are many genuine and respectable websites frequented by those who value their confidentiality.

Instead of the conventional .com or .org websites, many dark web sites have .onion in their domain name, which means that their visitors can enjoy end-to-end encrypted communications. We have sifted through dozens of specialized guides and conducted a thorough onion sites Review to present you with a list of top-5 best .onion locations worth visiting on the Darknet. But first, let us set some terminology straight.

What is Tor?

As .onion websites do not get indexed by conventional search engines, they cannot be found through a quick Google search. To access these, users will need a specialized Darknet software tool called Tor.

Tor, which stands for The Onion Router, is specialized encryption software that allows you to protect your anonymity while accessing sites and pages blocked or restricted by the authority. Unlike traditional browsers, Tor does not send the user’s request directly to a specific address. Rather, it routes such traffic to several random proxy server nodes in the Tor network before the request arrives at its final destination. It helps anonymize your web traffic and makes it extremely difficult to trace.

Here is a brief guide to securely access onion sites:

  1. Download the Tor browser from the official Tor Project website.
  2. Find the Tor Browser folder in the Downloads and select Start Tor Browser. Apply any updates if necessary.
  3. Launch Tor on your device and type in the address of the .onion site you want to access.

It is time to repeat what every guide for .onion sites says: the content of certain .onion websites can be shocking, potentially damaging, and illegal, so make sure you know what you are browsing for and proceed with caution.

Top-5 must-visit .onion resources

Now that you know how to access the Tor darknet and what to expect to see there, here is the promised list of top-5 .onion resources you might like to visit:

  • The Hidden Wiki – the oldest darknet directory that lists links to all the most essential sites and services of the Dark Web.
  • DuckDuckGo – the most popular darknet search engine for 100% secure and anonymous search activity.
  • Hidden Answers – the Dark Web’s analog of Quora.
  • Sci-Hub – a scientific database with a massive collection of scholarly writings and research papers produced all around the world.
  • ProtonMail – one of the most trusted and protected paid darknet email clients that lets you send entirely confidential emails.

There are other Guides and Review onion sites that you can rely on for more detailed information about interesting Dark Web places.


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