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Guide to Using the New Balkan Trade Route Market

If you are used to the dark web, the establishment of new markets should not come as surprise at all as it is a norm. Every year, dozens of markets are created and others are closed because of a variety of reasons.


Today, we want to introduce a new market called Balkan Trade Route, which was started to provide a new horizon for the darknet markets. To be precise, Balkan is a MultiSig market and the admins have purchased over 1k test/reagent kits to help with harm reduction.

In this article, we will take you through the steps of how you can access this market and use it to buy products. But first, remember you need a good VPN and to install the Tor browser if ypou do not have one.

How to Access Balkan Trade Route

To access the market, use the URL http://balkannprvcya7vhmmeree4twgdce4k4sfxhjrh3ybn77x3gcp6lwxqd.onion and you will be directed to the login page as shown below.

While on this page, you can [Register] if you are a new user or proceed to log in if you have an account

Registering an Account

To register an account, you need a fake display and user name, password, and six-digit pin.

After entering the details on the above page, you fill the captcha and then proceed to [Register].

On the next page, a mnemonic is generated and you have to store it somewhere safe so that in the event you forget your password, you can use it to retrieve your account.

After that, you can finish the registration process by clicking on [Confirm] as shown above.

Logging in to the market

The registration is now complete and you can now access the site with the details you used to create an account on Balkan.

After logging in, you will now be on the homepage of the market.

You can check your [Profile] as shown above.

On the [Profile] section whether a buyer or seller, you can view your overall account statistics. Information here includes ratings, total orders, total dispute, last seen, and PGP key used.

You are now set to start using this site. But first, we will take you through the most import part and that is adding additional security.

Account Settings

The [Account] Settings option is located on the header of the page as shown below.

Here you can undertake all changes concerning account security.

You can also change the display name. This is the name that users see on their end and is meant to increase security by not displaying the actual username of the owner.

Still on the same page, as shown above, you can check your PGP key meant for 2FA, add a small description about yourself.

If you have changed any of the above you further scroll down and [Update Profile] as shown below.

While still on the same page, you can add your bitcoin public key for the transactions. Just in case you have issues with this, the market has offered instructions on how and where you can set up one.

After providing your Bitcoin public key, you proceed to [Update].

Scrolling the further down, you will have the option of changing your password and Pin.

Lastly, just in case you need to make updates to your PGP you can do it in the last segment.


Two currencies are supported on this market; Bitcoin and Monero. This can be seen by checking the sidebar. 

However, to be able to buy on the market, you need to understand how multisig transactions work. 


A look at the categories reveals something interesting about Balkan – it is a drugs only market.

We searched around and saw a few listings but it is because the market is new, but the number is slowly and gradually growing.

Searching the Market

Once any buyer is inside the market, they can search around in three ways. The first way is to use the [Search] icon on the header and a list of available products will be displayed as shown below.

The second way to search is by use of keywords and filters. This is found on the sidebar.

After entering the keywords and using the filter options, you can [Submit].

Now the last way to search this market is by manually going through the categories.

Choose a Product

We now know how to search the market and therefore making a choice on what to buy, you proceed to [View] as shown down here.

The page below then appears

Here you will check the quantity, type of product, order type, price, and last but not least, the shipping options.

Checking the Vendor

While on the above page, you need to check the vendor profile by clicking on their [Username] and a page like the one below appears. Here, you can check the reviews stats and be able to message the vendor in case of any questions.

Always make sure you check the vendor profile and the reviews before making any orders.

With the above in mind, we now take you through the other features in the market.

Market Support

If for any reason you wish to contact the market admins, you can do so via the [Support] option on the header then proceed to [Create Ticket] as shown below.

Common reasons why one can contact the admins include having issues with using the market most likely because of a bug or getting scammed.

Typically, support tickets are responded within twenty-four hours. 

Now further scrolling down the [Support] page will give you a list of the FAQs.

Kindly check this page well before proceeding to open a ticket as some of the questions regarding the use of the market are already answered here.

Messaging center

All chats with other vendors are found on [Messages] located on the header.

While on the page, you can read, reply, and delete messages.


It is always good having a central place where you can check the history of products you have bought. For Balkan, this option is on [Orders] as shown below.

Here you can have an overview of your orders on the marketplace. Information includes; product name, price, order type, date, and the status which can be canceled, pending or complete.

Notification Centre

The [Notification] icon in the header gives you updates from the market. For example, if you created a support ticket, the responses will not be in the messages but rather here.

With that said, we hope that this guide if helpful in using the market.

















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