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Git и GitHub (2022)

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The goal of this course is to show that Git can and should be used not only in teams, but also for solo development.

Typical tasks that you will learn to do in this course:

  • Creating a commit
  • Sending changes to a remote repository
  • Retrieving changes from a remote repository
  • Creating and switching branches
  • Merging local and remote branch merges
  • Conflict resolution for branch merging
  • Different Versions Comparison of Software Code
  • Off-repository file comparison
  • Undo and postpone changes
  • Porting and Creating a True Copy of Commits

    Section 1 Introduction to Version Control Systems We will look at what version control systems are, what they are and why they are needed. We get to know the popular VCSs and start working with Git.

    Section 2 Working with local and remote repositories We will learn how to create a local and a remote repository. After that, we’ll learn how to link them together. In addition, we will learn how to create commits and commit changes to the remote repository, and how to make changes on the local repository and merge them into the local one.

    Section 3 Working with Branches We look at how to create, switch, and delete branches. We’ll also look at important cases, such as merging branches and resolving merge conflicts. In addition, we’ll look at how to port commits and make exact copies of them.

    Section 4 Viewing Changes You learn how to view uncommitted changes to one or more files in a project. We’ll see how to compare commits, branches and different files from outside the repository. In addition, let’s talk about pointers. Let’s see what we need them for and how to use them. Working with Pointers.

    Chapter 5 Postponing changes We’ll learn how to postpone changes, why you need to do this and in what situations. In addition, we’ll see how to view, comment, and delete pending changes.

    Chapter 6. Undoing changes We’ll cover how to undo uncommitted and committed changes. We’ll also look at how to stop tracking files. We also learn how to undo a successful merge and a conflicted merge. Undoing uncommitted changes.

    Section 7 Conclusion . We’ll summarize the course and consolidate the knowledge you’ve acquired. Provide tips for use with Git.

    Section 8 – Bonus.


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