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What is the dark web?

The dark web refers to a vast array of websites and platforms that are hidden from the public eye and can only be found by Internet users with the help of specialized software. Such software allows bypassing restrictions, getting rid of targeted ads, and protecting users from possible Internet surveillance. For example, the Tor browser (the Onion Router) ensures complete anonymity when visiting certain .onion pages.

However, while some people come to the dark web looking for privacy, anonymity, and lack of government censorship, the majority of visitors here are interested to engage in more sinful and highly illegal activities such as purchasing new drugs on the market, selling or buying weapons, ordering child pornography, and more. That is exactly how the place gets its negative reputation.

The dark web – a playground for fraudsters of all sorts

In the media that publishes drugs articles news, the dark web is primarily pictured as an online venue that attracts drug peddlers, human traffickers, and hitmen of every kind. However, it is also a heaven for fraudsters who come here nurturing intricate scams designed to steal money from potential customers.

Fraudsters that graze in these dark web lands utilize tools, strategies, and technology to create successful business models, acquire confidential information, and attack businesses to extort money from them. They leverage the illegal requests they get from their clients to stop the latter from going to the police to report the funds stolen.

How can Tape-news.net help navigate those murky waters?

Tape-news.net is a reliable and well-established news portal that seeks to keep its visitors informed about the latest drugs store news, cybercrime cases, illegal arms trade reports, and whatever else is going on behind the scenes of the dark web experiences.

We always conduct a thorough and exhaustive analysis of the information that we publish on our platform. We also try to be the first to uncover all the little-known facts that can help make our news articles on drugs, cybercrimes, and illegal trade over the dark web more exciting and accurate.


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