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As helpful as Google is in finding information on the Internet, there are things that this robust search engine cannot spot and millions of pages that it fails to register. All those thousands of Google search results that you get for your query are just a tiny fraction of what can be discovered if you know how to search deep web. Let us see what the Deep Web is and how to take advantage of the many exciting possibilities it offers.

What is the Deep Web, and how is it different from the Dark Web?

The Deep Web is a broad term used to describe the areas of the Internet, which are inaccessible through regular search engines like Google or Yahoo. Deep Web users can visit web pages not indexed by standard search engines, bypass paywalls on websites, view private databases, and surf the vastness of the Dark Web, among other things.

Many Internet users seem to confuse the concepts of the Deep Web and the Dark Web. For the most part, the materials contained on the Deep Web are legit, relatively harmless, and accessible online one way or another. These may include private electronic communications, closed academic works, bank statements, paywalled subscription products, etc. On the other hand, the Dark Web is a segment of the Deep Web that is home to many criminal activities. The Dark Web contents are deliberately hidden from search engines so that only a limited amount of users can access these.

How to access and use the Dark Web?

To access the Dark Web, you will have to use specialized software like the Tor web browser. After installation, it will be running on your device like any traditional surface web browser, meaning you will be able to type in URL links and access the required resources.

However, looking up something on the Dark Web is different from googling things on the clear Internet. With no indexed pages or ranking system, you will either need to know the exact address of the site or use one of the dark web search engines to obtain the required search assistance.

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