Hacking Jan 31, 2023

Experts discovered a new underground market in darknet

Resecurity researchers discovered a new marketplace on the Darknet, targeting…

Resecurity researchers discovered a new marketplace on the Darknet, targeting the developer and operator of mobile malware. The trading portal InTheBox has been operating on the TOR since at least May 2020, and since then it has become a private marketplace with a huge number of unique products and web-engineers.

Resecurity experts cited InTheBox as one of the biggest and most significant sources of banking crime and mobile device fraud. The majority of apps supporting InThebox target Android devices.

InTheBox marketplace operators are closely tied to the developers of major mobile virus programs such as Alien, Ceberus, Emmac, Octopus Octo, and others.

For cybercriminals, it is possible to rent off-the-shelf malware for a subscription fee of $2,500 to $7,000 or to order custom web development for a particular service or application. To date, InTheBox provides access to more than 400 professionally created web interfaces categorized by geography and targeting.

InTheBox was discovered by Resecurity’s HUNTER division, which identifies government hackers and industry partner criminals. Specialists relayed information to FS-ISAC and Google Security Group’s Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center to develop schemes and tactics to properly protect the mobile device.


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