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Exclusive Interview with Kerberos Marketplace Admin

We engaged the admin of Kerberos Market in an exclusive interview where…
We engaged the admin of Kerberos Market in an exclusive interview where he reveals it all

In understanding the long term and short-term goals of Kerberos marketplace, we got in touch with its admin Lucifer who gave us lots of insights about the platform’s current status as espoused in their plan to provide high quality dark web services. Here’s how the interview went: Tape News: What was your motivation to start Kerberos Marketplace?

Lucifer: Over 10 years ago we extended our long-standing offline business into the darknet. After having experienced several exit scams ourselves with tremendous losses, we stopped vending online completely for quite some time since in addition to exit scams the seizure of marketplaces started to pick up.

Our motivation for creating a decent marketplace started already in 2019.
One thing has already proven itself to be true in the decades of our businesses: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”

We have been observing every darknet marketplace since 2012 from a point of how mature it was at the time it was released, considering features, coding and the way it was operated. If you dig into things a little deeper, it quickly becomes very clear that most marketplaces were from the start up designed to exist and operate for a short time only, which makes an exit scam after a short time very likely. Sure, there were marketplaces which retired in a decent way too, but you can count those on one hand and also those were not intended to run for a longer period of time.

Just the pure planing we did for Kerberos developing the requirements for a marketplace which is designed to operate forever took a tremendous amount of time before the first line could even be coded. At the same time we all agreed to release Kerberos only when all of the base functionalities were completely done and adequately tested – including DDoS 2-Factor-Protection.

During our development the Onion V3 protocol was released, which offered new and fantastic possibilities in puncto security. We then decided to re-design, re-code and re-implement a vast amount of already coded and finished parts to build an even more secure, rock-solid foundation. Without a rock-solid foundation, everything built on top could fall apart eventually.

Another strong motivation to create Kerberos was the state our world is in today. We are utterly convinced that every intelligent living creature has an absolute right to freedom and has to be able to decide for itself how it wants to live its life as long as it does not restrict or interfere with other’s right to freedom.

Let’s be honest: Everyone knows what’s right and what’s wrong. If, for instance, we take a look at worldwide prohibition of substances, we realize that it was never about the ‘protection’ of people but had its beginnings in religious interventions by churches with the goal to stay in power, what governments around the world quickly adopted, not to ‘protect’ their people either but for the same reasons: They were (and are) afraid to loose power and control. For decades the vast majority of people is deceived, lied to and being supplied with misinformation in every imaginable way trying to make them stop thinking – either through financial control which forces most of us to run the hamster wheel all day in senseless jobs, so we don’t have the time or mood to think about what’s really going on around us – or though the prohibition of many substances that would make people realize very quickly that our society is not just drifting off course a bit but going entirely the wrong direction.

So someone has to create a way to allow people to obtain substances in a as-safe-as-possible way with a quality as good as possible. Every human being has the right to self-determination when it comes to one’s life and body and we like to help giving people back their freedom to choose – in a lasting way.

Many members of Kerberos already noticed that not only our marketplace but also our administration is quite different from anything seen before or currently in existence. This has a lot to do with our team being from an older generation, we were still raised with decency and have ambitions to help the world instead of controlling or exploiting it. This is also one reason why we decided to support projects like Heifer International, where people are not just short-term supported but are provided with a basis of life through education so they can supply themselves in the future.

We will do whatever it takes to keep Kerberos running forever offering a lasting marketplace for vendors and customers and to donate a big junk of profits to charitable projects. We are well aware that the reputation of marketplaces suffered a lot by the latest exit scams and many vendors and customers are being extra cautious when a new marketplace appears. This can only be healed with time and actions and we know that time and our actions will help not just Kerberos but to reinstate the lost trust for marketplaces that are operated in a reliable and fair way.

Tape News: What are the 3 attributes that make your market unique from other platforms?

Lucifer: Kerberos offers many features that haven’t been available before on other platforms, neither on past ones nor on currently running ones. The 3 most important features are probably the Kerberos Guardian with Integrated Strike System, The Administration and the Cataclysm Protocol.

In order to understand why these features are so important we’ll have to elaborate on some fundamental properties of Kerberos. Kerberos was created from scratch for over a year. Every line of code was written from scratch with the aim for maximum security. Every graphical element was created by ourselves and every pixel was put at the right place. Neither in the frontend nor in the backend is a single script in operation from someone else. This is true for the layout itself as well as for processing of any kind. On top of this, every input on the platform is sent through our self-developed white-list-filter and in addition is analyzed in detail before anything is ever executed. If just the slightest suspicion of an unallowed action or the smallest detection of a malicious intention is recognized, The Administration is informed instantly and is immediately looking into the matter to check and react upon it. A decent member, no matter if vendor or customer, has never anything to fear and will receive extensive support from The Administration wherever possible. On the other hand, every try to harm a member or the marketplace in whatever way will be detected quickly and adequately dealt with.

We treat everyone properly and fair and expect this in return of every member on Kerberos.

The Administration is more than something special, just like a touch of magic. Every member of The Administration belongs to my inner circle for over 20 years and is not only trustworthy beyond any doubt but also reflects the fundamental decent mentality that I have myself. Nobody except these people know anything about our connection to Kerberos or Kerberos itself and that will never change, eliminating every possible security risk.

The Administration is operating in shifts to offer a 100 percent 24/7 support. Many marketplaces claim to have a quick support team, but reality is often very different.

We though a lot about how we can do it better. The solution of which The Administration is made of came in form of a skilled team utilizing a backend of which every enterprise can only dream about. The Administration backend is capable to analyze and process any request or situation in just a blink of an eye which frees up our team’s time so we can support our members. Everyone who was in contact with us already experienced for themselves that our effort for customer support is going far beyond of what is expected and we do whatever it takes to help. Our support does not take days but only a few hours at most, in many cases less than one hour. Of course these times can vary and if there are tickets piling up even we will need some time to sort things out. But we designed it to kept reaction times at a minimum and we’re still improving the support system with updates, daily.

At Kerberos the member is still king, as it should be.

Our Cataclysm Protocol is another safety feature for our members. It is inevitable that a marketplace has to temporarily manage a large amount of funds, for example with the escrow service. Here again we thought a lot about how to give our members access to their funds in case our entire team would become incapacitated. We feel it’s our responsibility to ensure our members can access their funds under any circumstances.

Just for this we created a little AI, The Master Control Program, which will take complete control over Kerberos in an emergency and guarantees that all funds like temporary vendor bonds, escrow funds etc. will be refunded to the member wallets and are accessible for withdraw by their respective owners.

The Cataclysm Protocol comes into force if the canary, which is updated by Lucifer at least every 13 days, is expired. The Cataclysm Protocol then performs three levels, which will be automatically executed by The Master Control Program:

Level 1:

1. Initiation Level 1: If the canary is expired.

2. Duration Level 1: 5 days.

3. Deposits: Disabled.

4. Purchases: Disabled.

5. Minimum withdraw limit: Disabled.

Level 2:

1. Initiation Level 2: 5 days after Level 1 was initiated.

2. Duration Level 2: 21 days.

3. Vendor Bonds: Will be refunded to the their wallets.

4. Fulfilled Orders: Will be finalized.

5. Disputes: Will be settled with split 50/50 to vendor and customer.

6. Pending donations: Will be transferred to Heifer International.

7. Pending withdraws waiting for approval: Will be executed.

8. Future Withdraws: Will be automatically executed.

Level 3:

1. Initiation Level 3: 21 days after Level 2 was initiated.

2. Kerberos Marketplace: All servers and services will automatically shutdown.

Of course, we hope that nothing will ever happen to Lucifer and The Administration and that the canary will always be updated. But nevertheless our members can have peace of mind that their funds, which are currently on the marketplace, will be accessible for withdraw even without our crew being present before the marketplace shuts down after 26 days of a canary expiration.

So these are just a few of our features that set us apart as no other marketplace offers similar features to that extend.

Tape News: What are some of the OPSEC measures in your platform to ensure that users operate anonymously and safely?

Lucifer: Kerberos is the first and only marketplace that only operates special multi-layer encrypted servers and services. Any logs that are temporarily stored for security analysis are analyzed several times a day and then irrecoverably purged. It is also not possible to transmit sensitive data in clear text to vendors for regular processes like purchasing. In addition all input gets always automatically PGP encrypted. If a customer doesn’t want to do it himself, Kerberos does it automatically. Besides that only the absolute necessary data is stored and this only for the time it is actually needed. All sensitive data is purged in regular intervals even if it is PGP encrypted, just like all other data on Kerberos, too. To ensure that data cannot be accessed by so-called authorities or any other unauthorized entity we apply pretty complex mechanisms which we won’t elaborate on for security reasons.

Every member of Kerberos enjoys the highest grade of privacy per default which he or she can even increase by utilizing PGP themselves. We offer extensive and helpful tutorials to ensure every member has access to the necessary information of the safety mechanisms.

Tape News: At the time of doing this interview, what’s the growth scale of Kerberos (volumes and number of users)? Do you see the number rising? IF yes, why?

Lucifer: I think looking at the big picture says a lot more.

It’s now around 3 and a half months since we released Kerberos and we didn’t expect the quick growth we experienced so far. We see that, especially in the last month, our growth rate is going exponential. We have dozens of new customer registrations per day and many vendors registered their accounts already even if some did not create their product portfolio yet. We also see that those vendors login periodically to check on our progress. Also many vendors already created their products but didn’t activate them yet for the public listings. Of course that is a bummer, since many customers are interested in those products and many would have ordered from those vendors already if the portfolio was active. But we noticed that now, after 3 months, most vendors are starting to create their portfolio on Kerberos.

It will surely take several months before every customer can find his or her desired product listed and every vendor found the right customers for his or her products. This is quite normal. After customers had done their first purchases and saw that everything went fine and as they expected, they don’t seem to hesitate doing more business on Kerberos, the same is true for vendors.

Basically it doesn’t matter to a customer how many vendors and product listings are available as long as they can get their desired product successfully. As I said before, we did not expect to be as far as we already are after just three months. We’re happy about it, especially for our members.

The whole team at Kerberos, including myself, is already looking forward to reaching the first base amount for our first donation to Heifer International. This will be a good day and will make us very proud. Of course, the first donation will not be a tremendous amount, but it will be a start for regular and higher donations in the future.

We know that the conditions for obtaining a vendor account on Kerberos are quite a bit higher than on other marketplaces, which kind of limits our initial growth, but in return provides a higher quality and more safety for everyone. Almost every vendor on Kerberos has a long-standing history with thousands of successful sales and positive feedbacks from their past. This brings a quality to Kerberos that benefits all our customers.

We are still rising and we will stay forever. Hell yes.

Tape News: Do you have any rules that are a must-understand for new users looking to join your marketplace?

Lucifer: Of course we do.

We do everything possible to give our members a maximum of freedom and discretion in their interaction with our platform. Of course some basic restrictions and rules are unavoidable in order to provide a smooth and safe environment for everyone, like the terms that apply to a vendor obtaining a vendor account or the terms that apply to a purchase where the customer has to accept a vendor’s sales policy.

The general marketplace rules and the Kerberos Guardian apply to both, vendor and customer the same as well as everything stated in detail in our FAQ.

Every member is well advised to take a few minutes time and read through the FAQ and understand those. When in doubt, contact The Administration to clarify. Excuses later on will not be tolerated. Our basic principle is to treat every member equally, fair and decent. There are no exceptions here. We did not make exceptions so far and we won’t in the future as it would be unfair towards all other members. All marketplace rules are strictly enforced by The Administration, in an absolute fair and neutral way, based solely on provable facts that are presented to us. We do not take sides.

The Administration gives everyone using our platform for the intended purpose (providing a safe and lasting sales platform to vendors and a safe and reliable platform for purchases to customers) all the support we are able to offer and neither vendors nor customers have anything to fear.

Be faithful to us and we will never be unfaithful to you. Hell yes.

And this is not just a statement but a basic attitude that we live by every day.

Tape News: What are your views about the darknet market closures & retirements that have happened in the recent past? What’s really happening?

Lucifer: Well, in short we think: What the fucking hell is wrong with them?

It’s an absolute catastrophe and very shameful and it shows exactly what moral conditions are prevailing in our younger generations nowadays. Of course you cannot blame a marketplace that decided to shutdown, but this has to be in a fair, correct and ordered manner. We think this is a basic responsibility of every operator of a marketplace.

We cannot understand what’s going on in people that causes them to exit scam. This is totally unnecessary. If financial goals are not reached yet you just have to run your marketplace a little longer. It is the worst thing to do to scam exactly those people who contributed to running a marketplace successfully for the time it was operating. Without vendors and customers the operators had nothing, right? There always has to be a balanced give and take, nobody should ever forget that.

My team and I are all coming from a different generation than many now-a-dayers. We were brought up differently and learned what decency is, and what’s right and what’s wrong and to act accordingly in every aspect of our lives.

And to be honest, none of us, including myself, could freely and happily spend money from profits that were obtained by ripping off our members with an exit scam, where others were harmed so much. We earned our money by working hard in decent jobs which also Kerberos reflects. We worked hard day and night for over a year to create Kerberos and invested a tremendous amount of time in the planing phase before that, too. All the profits we will gain with our platform will be earned by working for it and not by stealing other peoples money in an exit scam because we’re incapable to create something genuine that actually works. An exit scam or scamming our members otherwise opposes everything we believe in.

When you help someone, you help everyone. We believe that people will always help others when given the chance. It’s our aim to give everyone that chance. We are strongly convinced that this statement is true and we all back it up 100%.

Tape News: What are your near-term and long-term goals at the moment? Feel free to share any upcoming features that users should look out for.

Lucifer: Our primary goal of course is to win as many decent vendors and customers for our platform as we can and being able to offer a vast amount of products and services.

Besides that we’re not just working on improving Kerberos every day and implementing new features but also to create more projects that support the community and enables a safe interaction of people with the darknet. Our second darknet project is already in the alpha test phase and will be released in the next few weeks, let us surprise you.

For current developments and features on Kerberos, every member can have a look into the developement/changelog section at the Information Center on the platform to find out what we are currently working on and what was implemented since Kerberos was first released.

Tape News: What vision do you have for Kerberos and the entire darknet market scene at large?

Lucifer: Our vision is to help restore the damaged reputation of darknet marketplaces which were caused by badly run platforms and scammers that ripped off everyone (including us!). With Kerberos we’re providing a decent and fair marketplace with the highest quality and safety features. We designed it to stay forever, after all.

Tape News: Any final remarks to new vendors and buyers planning to use Kerberos?

Lucifer: Nobody here expects that trust is build just by the words we say. This can only be done by turning words into actions. Everyone who already experienced Kerberos noticed that we are different. And it really can’t hurt to give a try, right? Have an open mind, don’t be prejudiced or listen to what all the haters say! Come and see for yourself! I think that is a good advice for everything in life. Make your own experiences with us and you’ll have a genuine opinion you can count on – in the end that’s all that matters.

Be faithful to us and we will never be unfaithful to you. Hell yes.


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