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Exclusive Interview with HackTown Admin

We conducted an interview with the admin of HackTown and learnt why it…

We conducted an interview with the admin of HackTown and learnt why it has become the go-to website for anyone looking to launch their career in cybercrime

The Tape News team interviewed the admin of HackTown in an exclusive conversation that will provide a clear picture of what the dark web platform is all about.

One thing that readers should acknowledge is the success an experience that the platform has enjoyed as evidenced by the fact that the HackTown was established in the year 2019 and has since boasted the ability of staying clear of the common issues facing peer websites apart from, the occasional DDoS attacks. Overall, HackTown has achieved the status of the dark web’s most notable “cybercriminal university” whose purpose is to allow users to achieve the once-inaccessible knowledge and skills in order to gain from the highly lucrative dark web cybercrime industry.

In the following interview, we managed to get a sense of why HackTown was established as a go-to website where anyone can learn how they can gain their footing into the dark web’s cybercrime industry. We also quizzed the admin about his high-level thoughts about the overall status of the global cybercrime industry as affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Here were his responses:

Tape News: What is HackTown and who do you serve?

HackTown Admin: HackTown is designed to teach people about cybercrime and how to effectively become a successful cybercriminal in 2022. Think University/College courses and this is what HackTown aims to strive to be. I was a successful cybercriminal who retired many years ago. Out of boredom and making a new project for myself I’ve decided to teach and show people how to become a cybercriminal based on my experience and knowledge. There are courses offered based on specific topics for people to take and learn from. It’ll teach you the basics and build upon that eventually arming you with the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures seen from other major cybercriminal gangs so people can implement them into their lives.

Tape News: Can you give a range of how much money an aspiring user will need to spend to access HackTown services

HackTown Admin: What you need to do is purchase membership that currently stands at $250 USD. Membership fees are used to purchase, test, and audit products listed at HackTown for others to purchase. We make sure that the products listed do work as intended which will take the guess work out of figuring out what works so people can purchase their cyber weapons with confidence. Of course, the products listed in HackTown will have to be purchased by members seperately and these can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on what’s required. Good ransomware can and will cost upwards of $1000/month.  

Tape News: What is HackTown’s best-selling product/service?

HackTown Admin: I do not keep track of which product is highly used but I do enjoy receiving members stories on their success and it seems to be a toss up between Remcos, Warzone, and what used to be a ransomware product for sale there before the member was arrested.

Tape News: What inspired you to form HackTown?

HackTown Admin: Idle hands are never a good thing. I cashed out my cybercriminals adventures some moons ago and was coasting through life. Like anything we can coast for so long so I decided to create HackTown for others to learn PROPER information regarding cybercrime. There was lots of information out there about cybercrime but not specific information on how to pull of most online crimes. HackTown is designed around my experience and success as a cybercriminal and will teach others how to succeed just like I did course by course.

Tape News: What’s your background and experience? Does it have an effect on HackTown’s services?

HackTown Admin: No different than anyone else. I grew up around computers and was always interested in them in a “bad way”. I went down the “hacker” route but really was just a skid with a little bit of programming knowledge to advance and hone my skills. I went down the “cyber security” career path but soon realized how toxic that was and switched gears. I started to get into carding online and eventually branched out into the blackhat world never really looking back. Once I got into the ransomware scene I went full tilt until I cashed everything out. I’ve hand my hands in online carding, scams, infecting people with RATs, and ransomware for the sole purpose of profiting.

The reality is that useful information is scattered across the interwebs with scammers lurking in the shaodws so it’s difficult for others entering the cybercriminal scene to find realiable updated information. HackTown aims to bridged that gap and provides everything you’ll need to know about cybercrime(withn my wheelhouse) and provides docimentation, other textbooks, information, products, and everything an aspiring cybercriminal will need to be successful.

Tape News: COVID-19 & the Russia-Ukraine War has influenced global cybercrime.What are some of the new opportunities/realities you can identify?

HackTown Admin: COVID-19 has fucked my world. I’ve been struggling since I lost a close family member to COVID in the early beginnings of when it hit. Back then was chaos and the world was more upside down than it is today which made it difficult for me losing my family member. However, like me there are many others like me out there with many stories to share.

That being said COVID-19 has given an excellent phishing pre-text to work with when targeting an individual or business online. Nothing better than sending an email about “updated COVID-19 work place rules” to everyone in a company. It’s given an ideal SE hook to work with that’s for sure.

Tape News: Kindly make a comment on how you have influenced the dark web community beyond the products you sell to users (comment on both personal and HackTown capacities)

HackTown Admin: I’m not sure if I’ve “influenced” anyone but what I do know is by providing factual and real information I’ve helped people achieve their goals regarding cybercrime or infecting XYZ with malware. Many people realize how difficult it is to get REAL information on a specific topic and can appreciate all the work being done at HackTown for them. I have helped numerous amounts of people along the way and continue to help guide people to the right resources, places, and products with confidence. I think it’s important for others to hear real stories from individuals who have already gone through what others are just about to experience. It’s nice to hear stories, successes, and failure of others as this is how we all learn. Learning from experienced individuals helps people get to where they have to go quicker than by Googling the shit out of something on their own. I will continue to advance, enhance, and ensure HackTown remains on top of the latest attacks, techniques, and everything else surrounding cybercrime so people can stay up to date and receive updated information.

Tape News: Any partying shot to aspiring HackTown users?

HackTown Admin: If you’ve learned anything from the free courses offered at HackTown then this is the place for you. Curious to which ransomware, RAT, etc. to purchase but not sure if that product is what they say it is? Let us do the lifting and testing so you don’t have to. All the information, products, and resources in HackTown are as real as it gets. Don’t let time pass you by because cybersecurity is getting better and better each year.

How to Find HackTown By now, you already know the importance of only using the authentic links to dark web platforms in order to avoid potential phishing sites that may try to mimic the real sites. Fortunately, we have listed the official Tor link to HackTown below. Happy browsing and be sure to check out a review that we have done about the HackTown site just to give you an idea of what to expect when you decide to visit!

Link: http://hacktowns3sba2xavxecm23aoocvzciaxirh3vekg2ovzdjgjxedfvqd.onion/


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