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Exclusive Interview: Why Vendors Should Be Excited About the New AlphaBay

AlphaBay admin reveals key details about AlphaBay’s vendor-centric features…

AlphaBay market made a return recently after a four-year hiatus that followed the U.S. law enforcement operation, which led to closure of the site and controversial death of its co-founder.

Now that AlphaBay has made its not-surprising return to the dark web spaces, we’ve all been curious about what it seeks to offer against the shadow of its older self.

In answering this question, we managed to catch up with the markets admin to probe his high level thoughts about the platform’s current status. It turns out that that the new AlphaBay market has been packed with so many good stuff that every vendor should be excited about – here are the main points:

First Things First – AlphaBay Has Been Tried and Tested

In its heydays, AlphaBay had grown to become the go-to platform for 40,000 dark web vendors and 200,000 buyers looking to trade anonymously – law enforcement reports claim that the marketplace registered $1 billion in dark web transactions involving drugs, weapons and cybercriminal tools.

Further reports indicate that the market succeeded to trample on its competitors by rising to become the largest dark web market in the world, reportedly raking in ten times more sales that Silk Road market.

The new AlphaBay borrows from its previous experience of operating a long term, stable and successful dark web market. Such experience goes to ensure that vendors will be able to benefit from streamlined market processes in context of handling, disputing and following up on darknet orders.

Superior Security

AlphaBay’s new network is designed to resist external attacks from third parties. According to its admin, it will be be impossible to take it down because of its nature – even if all servers are found and a miracle law enforcement operation succeeds to close its servers, “sleeper” servers will take over to ensure that the network keeps going.  All servers will also operate under I2P and Tor in advancement of user anonymity.

A Revolutionized Dark Web Experience

The decentralized market network project is a network for everyone. It provides marketplace owners with an opportunity to share their brand, and vendors to place set up shop. According to this approach, users will be able to subscribe to different marketplaces and conduct online searches across various sites without the need to register accounts every time.

The decentralized network is the first of its kind in light of unparalleled features and a robust structure. It will solve longstanding dark web issues such as wallet safety from darknet market exit scams, site accessibility (anti-DDoS), and the well-known burden for marketplace admins to upkeep servers and so on.

The Much-Needed Innovation

Vendors can now enjoy the benefits of using AlphaBay’s Shared Account Access function to give access to collaborators, including employees and partners, without worrying about Cybersecurity weaknesses.

Essentially, the feature ensures that vendors protect their crypto wallets, PGP keys and PIN from possible alteration by the collaborators – even though these employees and partners will be able to accept/deny/work on orders, answer messages and conduct the day-to-day dark web business activities.

An Automatic Dispute Resolution System (ADR) that’s Second to None

The new AlphaBay boasts an automatic dispute resolution system called AlphaGuard, which empowers buyers and vendors with the ability to withdraw their money, settle disputes and current escrows during emergency situations when seizures happen on all servers.

The dispute resolution system will enable users to resolve disputes much, much faster without suffering long waiting times for moderator action. Darknet market functions such as percentage refund, reship/replace, extend escrow have all been automated.

Importantly, the automatic dispute resolution system helps AlphaBay’s moderator view the actionable steps that have been taken in a dispute – all without the risk of having the disputes clogged up.



Final Thoughts

Considering that the decentralized market network does not fund itself, the AlphaBay admin confirmed that they will be taking a percentage off the platform’s profits to fund the development of the project.

The admin also asserted his desire to make critical contributions to the darknet experience as part of his personal conviction to honor the alpha02 and AlphaBay names as they were dragged in the dirt by the U.S. justice system.

How to Access AlphaBay

Figure 1: registration page for the new AlphaBay market.

As of September 19, 2021 the only official links to AlphaBay are:


Hash: SHA512





Version: GnuPG v1

















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