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Exclusive Interview; an Introduction to the High-Potential Gangland Market

Gangland Market is lined with lots of unique features that will get users…

Gangland Market is a recently launched uncensored platform for dark web vendors and buyers. While leveraging on Cryptocurrency and anonymity, the market operators are certain that their platform will become the “most powerful criminal community in the world”.

We caught up with Gangland’s admin to understand exactly how the marketplace will play out in a vast field of similar actors – stay around to learn more about why Gangland has high potential.

First things first, the Gangland vision is big. Aside from various marketplaces that have some degree of control over the kind of content that gets listed on their site, this particular market is taking no prisoners as far as allowable listings are concerned.

The market is also focused on creating a community of criminals that are bound together by a sense of purpose, rather than the greed for money. In highlighting the fact that the market creators will not be susceptible to law enforcement, the admin asserted that the people behind the market are “real life criminals.”

Unique Listings That Include Political Connections

The first reaction we had after speaking to the Gangland admin was how knowledgeable they were about the criminal world. The market’s focus on reliability is pegged on the operators’ longstanding experience in the criminal world.

The admin said that they spent the past few years consulting with all kinds of criminals: from mafia bosses to crime life beginners, from richest gangsters to life sentenced bandits. The product of this research was a unique list of services and goods designed for all kinds of real criminal enterprises or totally inexperienced beginners.

Essentially, the main categories of dark web wares that you can buy or sell on Gangland include fraud, counterfeit, drugs, excise goods, services, weapons, stolen goods, and digital tools (See below).

Figure 1: Current product categories on Gangland Market.

What’s even more interesting is that Gangland has added a CONNECTIONS category to cater for people looking to benefit from corrupt dealings through both corporate and government channels.

According to the admin, the motivation behind creating this rather unique listing was informed by the fact that no one criminal organization can be truly powerful without corrupt connections. Users can now sell or buy favors from people in strategic places by placing and receiving such offers on the market.

The category called NEED OFFERS was created by Gangland admin to cater to people looking to buy information about targets from insiders. This would be relevant for criminals that intend to breach the security of their targets for whatever reasons.

As an additional unique offering, the category WORK AGENCY was created for various businesses employers who need to find employees.

Gangland admin had this to say about the category, “This category can be first step in criminal career for beginners. If you are a serious drug lord you can find here not only dealers (who work at street) or mailers (who sells your drugs through shipment).”

Further, the category called INVENTORY can be leveraged by any user to sell enabling items for other criminals to operate more efficiently – this can range from making drugs with laboratory facilities or homemade hideouts involving smugglers, to disguise equipment for kidnappers.

Competitive Commission Rates and Advanced Security

Gangland’s admin claimed that they offer the highest commissions that’s informed by the desire to operate for more than seven years. To ensure that they discourage scammers from joining the platform, the market attracts a vendor fee of $1k that will surely keep jokers out of the space.

Gangland has also employed the ecmar script and adapted it to their needs as a critical step towards achieving maximum site security.

According to the Gangland admin, all of its databases have been encrypted such that no law enforcement operation will be able to decode the market’s databases. The fact that the market uses a walletless script means that they will not have any interest exit scamming users in the future

Finally, Gangland is planning to launch a Telegram bot that will make buying stuff on the market easy.


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