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When do I need EncryptPad?

  • You have a file containing sensitive information such as account names, passphrases or IDs. It is stored on an unprotected media or you can’t control who accesses the file, whether it is located on a computer at work, a laptop while on the move, a memory stick or a cloud drive.
  • You need to send an encrypted file to somebody with whom you prearranged a shared secret (a passphrase or a key file). In this case, you need to exchange the secret personally (not via an accessible Internet protocol) for the protected file to be decrypted by the recipient.
  • You store or receive a file and need to ensure that it has not been tampered with or corrupted during transmission. EncryptPad uses SHA-1 hashing algorithm to verify the data’s integrity.
  • You need protection against a brute force attack in case your storage gets in somebody’s hands. EncryptPad allows to generate a key and store it separately from encrypted information. The unwanted person would need two secrets to open an encrypted file: the passphrase and the key. Consider this example: you store your encrypted file on a memory stick, and protect it with a passphrase. In addition to that, you protect the file with a file key and store the key on computers where you open the file. If the memory stick is lost, the passphrase is not enough to decrypt your information. The key file is also needed and it is not on the memory stick.


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