Drugs Dec 18, 2022

Empire Market has been unavailable for days

One of the largest darkweb markets, which is used to buy and sell illegal…

One of the largest darkweb markets, which is used to buy and sell illegal goods, is unavailable to users for more than 72 hours. Users are worried because of possible DDOS attacks and Exit-Scam for this market.

A user nicknamed Dark.fail, who specializes in Darkweb projects and the Tor browser, suggested: “the situation seems more stressful than the frequent [Empire market] downtime in 2019, when DDoS attacks kept the site offline for long periods of time.”

Anonymous “Se7en,” who calls himself Empire’s chief moderator posted a controversial post, “If the market is still down in a couple of days, I’ll do a post about the whole situation, but it’s still early and maybe the admins will bring it back.”

From Empire Market staff, which reports that users should be aware of the “many false narratives” that are allegedly circulating.

Reddit users are leaning toward the version that the market will be shut down soon after all.


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