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Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN

Hi! Let’s Talk today about Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN. What it…

Hi! Let's Talk today about Double VPN, Triple VPN and Quad VPN. What it is, pros and cons, etc.

Connect VPN, Trip VPN and Quad VPN is a connection through several servers at once. That is, with a normal VPN connection (or Single VPN, as it is also called), you simply connect to the server and traffic comes from there. In double vpn you first connect to one server, then from this server there is another connection to the second server, and from there traffic flows. Triple VPN – three servers in a chain, and, accordingly, Quad VPN uses four such servers.

What are the advantages of such a connection?

1) Your provider will only see the connection to the first vpn server, but will not see subsequent connections. As a result, he will not know the final ip address.

2) The second, third and fourth servers in the chain do not know the real IP address, since it is hidden by the first server. This increases anonymity.

3) You can use servers from different parts of the world to further confuse traces. If they start searching, they will send inquiries from one country to another, which will greatly slow down the search process, or even make it impossible.

But there is a technology and disadvantages. Between servers, information is transmitted through consecutive encrypted channels. But what is between these channels? Unfortunately, at each stage the information is decrypted and then encrypted again for further transmission to the next channel. And at this very moment it becomes possible to intercept traffic on the server. So if an attacker gains access to one of the servers in the chain, he will be able to find out what he should not have known.

The second disadvantage of this technology is a significant reduction in the speed of the Internet, so the servers are far from each other plus everyone needs to decrypt and encrypt the traffic. This is especially noticeable in the chains of Tripla VPN and Quad VPN.

Should I bother with Public VPN, Trip VPN and Quad VPN or is it superfluous?

In my opinion, you need to use double vpn. It really increases anonymity without a serious deterioration in speed.

Triple VPN and Quad VPN, I do not advise to use, since with the same reduction in speed you can achieve much greater anonymity and security – using Double VPN!


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