Law enforcement Jul 21, 2020

DOJ Plans to Hire a Crypto Crime Attorney Advisor for Its Anti-Cybercrime Ambitions

Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced its plan to hire a Dark Web and…

Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Crime have become the centerpiece of U.S. law enforcement over the past few years, as the country has become a prime target for a host of international criminal networks.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced a job vacancy in full expression of the government’s quest to tackle the raging crypto-related dark web cybercrime.

The department intends to hire a dark web cryptocurrency and computer hacking attorney advisor on a 12-month assignment – a role whose contract will be extended depending on the availability of funding.

The successful candidate will be in constant engagement with law enforcement and government actors – including the police, prosecutors, judges, law makers – to play an expert role on matters concerning the dark web and cryptocurrency.

The selected attorney will provide technical assistance that would go into implementation of the justice sector assistance program.

Expected Liaisons with Government Agencies

The Dark Web and Cryptocurrency International Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Attorney Advisor (DWC-ICHIP) will work under the Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT).

OPDAT was established in the year 1991 by the DOJ’s Criminal Division as an organ that would specialize in fighting the rapid growth of transnational organized crime (TOC). The office relies on established foreign partnerships that collaborate with the U.S. government to handle transnational cases for crime prevention. Through OPDAT’s work, member justice sector institutions benefit from a large pool of technical and developmental resources that serve to enable these entities to combat terrorism, cybercrime, financial crime and corruption.

The currently advertised position will actively engage the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) – a section of the DOJ’s criminal division that works to prevent the proliferation of computer crimes through both preventive and investigative approaches.

In addition, the DWC-ICHIP’s work will also interest the U.S. Transnational and High-Tech Crime Global Law Enforcement Network (GLEN). GLEN is the product of a partnership established between the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement and CCIPS and OPDAT.

GLEN’s mission is to promote the rule of law and to shield American citizens from external threats involving criminal networks. The organization works through specialized training exercises that aim to instigate institutional change within the subject of cybercrime.

What’s the Job Description?

The DWC-ICHIP will be expected to liaise with the GLEN in furtherance of the programs international law enforcement efforts. The official’s duties will be geared towards the bolstering the international capacity building that goes into fighting the growth of cybercriminal entities and intellectual property crime within the subject of organized crime.

Specifically, the DWC-ICHIP will play a central role across the currently-existing criminal justice projects including:

  • The provision of technical expertise towards the creation and implementation of technical frameworks and programs on criminal investigations. In highlight, this function is narrowed-down to the darknet ecosystem and cryptocurrency – with particular focus on TOC hotspots across the globe, including Asia Pacific, Eastern European and Central Asian locations.

  • Identification of the critical gaps existing within the current legal ranks. The advisor will give counsel to legislative machinery on aspects of effective law-making and the amendment of existing legislations to enhance law enforcement capabilities.

  • Building capacity of law enforcement outfits within the context of darknet and cryptocurrency concerns.

This function will touch on the most effective mechanisms that may be employed by law enforcers in executing covert operations within darknet corridors.

The advisor will also equip the agencies with the necessary skills needed for tracking cryptocurrency transactions through blockchain analytical techniques. In addition, the DWC-ICHIP will ensure that prosecutors are trained on best practices involving the obtainment and presentation of admissible darknet-related pieces of evidence.




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