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Detailed Guide on Europa Market

Explained guide with the steps on how to use Europa Market.


Time has proven that every year, the dark web must see the development of new markets. These markets can either be built from scratch or after a pre-existing site. 

Today, we want to introduce the Europa market, a marketplace launched in January 2020, and is based on the original open-source code from Tocahka market. 

According to an admins message, the developers of the new site have spent hundreds of hours into the creation of the site and resolved issues of the original Tochka while improving security. 

Just as the name suggests, the site is from Europe, and it represents the Central and Eastern Europe darknet scene with multi-language support for convenience, depending on the location of the customer.

In this article, we will take you through the steps of how to access the site and the safety tips to put in place. 

Getting Access to the Dark Web

First thing first, you need a Tor browser and a VPN to be able to gain access to the site. As of now, Tor is the only anonymity tool that can give you access to the hidden parts of the web. 

The VPN will ensure your anonymity level on the web is concealed. It is, however, possible to use Tor without connecting to a VPN, but it compromises your security as those monitoring the Tor network can intercept the connection and tell your location from the IP of your device. 

You can download The Onion browser from the Tor site and get a VPN online from recommended and high authority sites. Be careful as some VPN can be shitty and hence very unstable. 

Remember that before you launch the browser, the VPN connection needs to be active to mask your identity. 

Visiting the Market

The next procedure is entering the marts Url on Tor. The official URL of Europa Market is http://europamk24ai3hjz.onion

The above link will direct you to the homepage of the market where you can directly log in for pre-existing users, as shown above. 

Registration Process

If you do not have an account, you can create one in the steps laid down here. 

Start by clicking on {Register}.

You then proceed and fill the registration details. 

The registration details include username, password, invite code for those who joined via an affiliate program, account status (buyer or seller), and then {capture}. 

After filling the details, you proceed to {Register} at the bottom of the page you will be logged in to the market as shown below and are now set to start using Europa. 

Profile Settings

Staying secure is paramount, and for that reason, we will take you through the account settings where you will learn the various ways to change settings and also how to secure your account on the market further. 

To start the process, hover the mouse on the icon located on the top right side of the site as shown above, and proceed to settings. 

Here you can edit the profile, contact details, payment options, encryption, and password. 

The {Profile} section enables you to change your username, status, about, language, and add an Avatar image if you wish too. 

The {Contacts} section is for the user to add their contact details. The currently available options are Bitmessage, Tox, and Jabber. 

On the {Payments} section, the account holder can set a bitcoin wallet for automatic withdrawals. More so, they can add a Bitcoin Multisig Public Key for payments that require multisig processes.

There is also the {Encryption} option. Here is where one adds there PGP key, which is used to activate 2-factor authentication. 

Then the last option on {Settings} is {Password}. As obvious as it is, this is where one can easily change the password to their account.

We are now done with this process. Just remember to {Save} that for all the above actions. 


The {Referral} is found under the {User}  icon on the top right of the site. 

Through this feature, anyone can earn on Monopoly by inviting other people to use the market. 

On this page, you can get the affiliate link, know the number of users that have joined through your program, and keep track of payments earned.  

Wallet for Deposits

The {Wallet} option is found under {User}. 

Here is where you can know your Bitcoin balance and perform other operations related to funds. They include; sending crypto out of the market and receiving. 

Currently, Bitcoin is the only means of payment accepted on Europa. However, other cryptocurrencies might be added with time. 

You can also keep track of your transaction summary over the time you have been using the market by going to {Actions}.

Searching for Products

We have two main ways of searching in this marketplace. 

The first one is by utilizing the search bar, as shown above. Using keywords like the vendor name or product, you can directly get what you want. 

The second option is by browsing through the extensive list of {categories} found on the left side of the market. 

Products on this market are grouped into the following categories and subcategories.  


Psychoactive substances

Software and Malware


Internet Accounts– Currently without any subcategories

Guides and Tutorials

Counterfeit items



Carded items

Hosting and Security

A review of the above indicated that not all categories have products because the market is relatively new. But with time, we should expect to see an increase in the number. 

Buying on Europa

When you are ready to purchase, the next step is to check the vendor profile by clicking on their name. 

By doing so, you will be able to view the {About} details of the vendor, reviews, other items sold, and also check if they have any warnings. 

On the same page, you can send the vendor a direct message through {PM} for any questions regarding the product. 

Upon confirmation that the vendor has positive reviews, you are set to buy.

Before you can start, you need to deposit funds into the {Wallet}, as was explained earlier on in this article. 

You then proceed and click where the amount of the product is indicated. For our case, {75.00 EUR} and the product is a physical good, and you will be directed to the page similar to the one below.

Here, you must read the product description clearly to understand how the particular vendor operates. Once done, you are ready to purchase the product by scrolling further down the page. 

As seen in the screenshot above, prices have been listed according to the quantity. Here you proceed and select the desired package.  

The page above then appears, and you proceed and enter the shipping details here and proceed to {Purchase}. 


Through the {Marketplace} option on the header, you can check all the product listings on the market. 


The {Vendor} option at the header enables you to check the seller operating on the market. 

While on this page, you can see the age of the vendor account and when they were last online, as seen below.

Other details shown on this page are the status of the vendor account and the level. 

Market Help

For starters, the Support hub is the only page on the site not available in other languages apart from English. 

On this page, Europa has provided simple instructions on the following- How to buy, how to Sell, basic Information about the market, disputes section, explanation on Vendor level, and lastly, measures of how to stay safe on the internet. 

Vendor Levels

As a means to help buyers know the vendor review, Europa utilizes a unique and credible system to rank vendors based on the reviews and sales they get. 

More so, the rating system is meant to reduce fraud, improve the quality of operations, and encourage fair deals as vendors will seek to have the highest possible rank to attract buyers. 

The vendor level system operates as follows:

10 successful deals = 1 level

Six months on marketplace = 2x multiplier (you get two levels per deal)

1 unsolved warning = -10 levels

Then there are four different levels for vendor accounts- Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each with a larger up-front investment for the vendor, but with greater value in the long-run.


Disputes are a result of an issue between the buyer and seller, and therefore it is only possible to open one after purchase. 

To avoid any issues, it is essential to read the description of the product before you can make a purchase. If in doubt, contact the vendor via the messaging system to sort the issue out. 

To check for pending disputes, the option is located on the header as shown above, but the dispute policy is found on {Help>Disputes}, as shown below.

This page http://europamk24ai3hjz.onion/help/07_ disputes is essential as it highlights how the markets deals with every individual dispute as some factors, such as the type of product and the shipping time need to be put into place. 

Messaging Center 

All messages between the buyer and the seller appear here.

The messaging system operates like that of regular mails where the name of the sender is displayed on the left and the message on the right, as shown below. 


The {Orders} section is located on the header. 

On this page, you will have access to the history of all the orders placed over a period. They will include pending, failed, canceled, completed, and frozen orders. 

Support and Additional Help Pages

Admins can be contacted via the {Support} option on the header, as shown below. 

While on this page, there is a list of FAQs. It is important to go through it first as there might be answer to what you are already looking for. 

But if the query requires a direct response, then you can go ahead and open a support ticket, and you will get a response in the shortest time possible. 

Other help options are located at the footer of the page. Here, you can get direct links to useful pages about using Europa market. 

That’s it for today folks and we hope this guide is useful. We will be bringing you guides and info on other markets. Let us know in our discussion channels- Dread and Tape forum what you would like us to cover.




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