Drugs Jun 30, 2022

Deaths of three Birmingham men linked to ‘new synthetic drug from dark web’

Within months of one another, three young men in Birmingham died after…

Within months of one another, three young men in Birmingham died after they “used a new synthetic narcotic.” N-pyrrolidinoetonitazene is the name of the opioid that is being marketed on the dark web.

Students Jakob Wozniak, 19, Dylan Byfield-Lewell, 20, and businessman Miles Elliott Davis, 27, perished as a result of the narcotics, according to the BBC. The city experienced three deaths of men between October 2021 and January 2022.

The business said that Dr. Judith Yates, who examined drug-related fatalities in Birmingham and named the fatalities, was “horrified” to observe the opioid in action. She claimed the medications take the place of the opioid analgesic fentanyl. However, it was purchased on the dark web and is 20 times more powerful.

The three men’s manners of death On January 3, 2022, Mr. Wozniak was discovered to be unresponsive. His examination showed that the chemical was the primary factor in the deaths.

On October 10, 2021, Mr. Davis passed away. There hasn’t been a thorough inquiry into his death yet. According to the BBC, the pathologist hypothesized that N-pyrrolidinoetonitazene poisoning was the reason of his demise.

On October 2, 2021, Mr. Byfield-Lewell of Sutton Coldfield passed away. He had been out with pals when a family member discovered him unconscious at home. He had a cardiac ailment underneath. Dr. Yates said: “These three cases are completely unexpected; this substance has never been found in Birmingham before. “It’s impossible to know what’s on a tablet, what you’re buying online, or what you’re acquiring on the street.” N-Pyrrolidinoetonitazene: what is it?

In May 2021, N-pyrrolidinoetonitazene was discovered for the first time. The 18-year-old was treated by Dr. Mark Pucci, a physician at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and is thought to be the first individual to use the medicine in the UK. The teenager’s mother discovered him being inconsiderate and breathing loudly in July 2021. But the antidote naloxone injection that rescued him worked. He was subsequently put on a ventilator and given a sedative.

He was really lucky to survive, according to Dr. Pucci. His mother’s thought was very fleeting.

“I’m very glad he’s alive,” the speaker said. “He stopped breathing and his heart stopped.” Animal investigations revealed that the medication was a thousand times more potent than morphine, according to Dr. Pucci’s report on the incident.

“These cases don’t really come up in standard drug tests, so there may be further examples that we aren’t aware of yet,” said Dr. Pucci. I know there might be recent incidents in London. N-pyrrolidinoetonitazene is made up of substances that were initially created in the 1950s, continued Dr. Pucci. He claimed that it started in China and afterwards traveled through either Russia or Eastern Europe to reach the UK.


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