Hacking Jan 31, 2023

Data from more than 5.6 million Social Blade users was posted for sale on the darknet

Social Blade is a U.S. service for tracking social network statistics and…

Social Blade is a U.S. service for tracking social network statistics and analytics, Service-Lab explains. The company disclosed the circumstance after exhibiting for sale a database of users of the service to date on a hackers’ forum.

According to SocialBlade, the data leak became known on December 14 – an unknown hacker found a breach in the service and copied the user database, and then put it on the market. The database contains 5.6 million records from September this year. The hacker expects to make 1-2 sales after which he promises to remove the subject.

In the hands of the hacker were email addresses, passwords, user IDs, IP addresses, authentication tokens for accounts connected and some internal data of the social network.

The company noted that the fraudsters were not able to steal personal data, and all passwords were hashed with the reliable BCRypt algorithm. However, users are still advised to change their passwords and remain vigilant so that they do not suffer from phishing attacks.


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