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Darknet Trust

Darknet trust is a Tor site operating as a dark web search engine. The…

Darknet trust is a Tor site operating as a dark web search engine. The service was created in 2019 and provides users with in-depth information about darknet markets.

The new search engine is similar to Grams which shut down operations in December 2017 after more than three years in operation.


How Does Darknet Trust Operate?

Through Darknet trust, users can check site reviews and ratings, which in turn help to increase trust and reduce scams by a great deal. The site currently has information of over 15,000 profiles from 15 markets both active and dead.

The markets include Evolution, Dream, Empire, Nightmare, Berlusconi, Tochka, Cryptonia, Apollon, Grey Market, Agora, Cannazon, Dark Market, Avaris, Dream Alt, Cannahome.

If anyone happens to have information about any well-known market, they are welcome to share it with Darknet Trust so that the data can be available to everyone who wishes to read.

Profile Recovery

Darknet trust strives to keep information updated and fresh. It is, therefore, possible to keep your rating on the site. One can also recover them if the market is still active. But once gone, it will not be possible to do so.

The current ratings are available here http://wk5hjnojqkavnxoo.onion/?a=market-status.
In the event one has a profile, and it is not present, they can ask the admins to include it.

How to Search on DarkNet Trust

To search on darknet trust, one can use the product name, username or the PGP key.

In the event a market is down for one reason or the other,  a user can search for vendors on darknet trust. This, in turn, reduces the possibility of getting scammed since there are a lot of parties out there who take advantage of such occurrences to spread false information.

Just make sure you verify the pgp key matches with the one you know. This is an important step to avoid getting scammed.


Any person intending to use the service can do so by simply creating an account and setting up a PGP key. Account registration only requires one to have a username and password. For the PGP, it helps verify the users by looking up their PGP key and profile information.

Contacting  Darknet Trust

To contact the site, one can do so via the 'Contact us' at footer section. Messages are sent via Sonar messenger.
This are their active contact mirrors:


Darknet Trust requests that you always encrypt your messages with a PGP key so that in the event of a hack or any other unfortunate incident, your messages are safe.

Depending on your query, you can include your contact information for the site admins to get back to you.


The site is calling upon users of their service to donate towards the project as they offer everything for free. For contributions, the amount does not matter. However small, it will help towards sorting out various expenses.

 Those willing to send their donations can so via Monero or Bitcoin. The site, however, advises the user to opt for Monero as it is cheaper and secure as compared to Bitcoin.

Just remember not to keep the addresses for a later donation as donating addresses may change. In order to donate, just access the site for an updated wallet address.



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