Guides and Review Jan 07, 2023

DarkNet Guide – I2P and Freenet (2018)

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What you will learn in this course:


  • network overview;
  • setting up and configuring a Freenet node;
  • creating an anonymous profile using WOT (Web of Trust);
  • creating a mailbox in Freemail;
  • creating a microblog in Sone;
  • creating a discussion group in FMS;
  • messaging and chatting in FLIP;
  • cryptocurrencies with GPG and Enigmail; Freenet links and resources.


  • A comparison of I2P with Freenet and other darknets;
  • Installing and configuring a web browser to access I2P;
  • how I2P architecture differs from TOR;
  • specifics of cryptocurrencies in I2P and support of different protocols;
  • I2P plugins (Bittorrent and i2psnark / Azureus I2P service);
  • what is eepsite;
  • the gateway from TOR to I2P;
  • mail, browsing, blogging, forums, web hosting, real-time chat, filesharing and decentralized data storage using I2P.


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