Anonymity Oct 01, 2021

Dark Web Price Index 2021 Shows That You Are Worth a Paltry $1,015

A newly-published Dark Web Price Index reveals the cost of buying stolen…

The dark web has played a key role in keeping data breach specialists in business through the sale of personal information. Stolen data typically sold across dark web markets to cybercriminals looking to leverage on the value of illegally-obtained personal identifiable information (PII).

Hitherto, cybersecurity experts have been sharing analytical reports showing dark web listings of personal data being advertised on the dark web. The hidden web is substantially packed with stolen identities, credit cards, and hacked PayPal accounts obtained corporate data breaches.

In 2021 alone, several notable organizations have been hit by cybercriminal attacks that have led to the theft of employee online credentials, banking details and social media login information.

Simple web searches have revealed the price tags of such stolen information, which points to the differences in value attached to various categories of data. Generally, it appears that banking information fetches better prices in comparison to social media credentials.

Interesting Findings recently published the Dark Web Price Index 2021, which has clearly listed stolen data prices for a variety of classes. Here were the key findings from the report:

  • Dark web listings of credit card information have placed a price tag ranging from $14 to $30.
  • A compromised social media account sells for $35.
  • Online banking logins retail at about $40.
  • The combination of personal account details and information could be purchased at $1,015.

According to the cybersecurity report, investigators noted that credit card information is comprised of the CVV number, card number, associated dates, and other details concerning the owner’s location.

Findings were also made about the manner in which credit card information ends up in the wrong hands. Credit card information is typically harvested when hackers experience the entire credit card processing chain. The threat actors would compromise organizational cyber defenses to steal the sensitive info through card transactions.

In addition, the dark web index also made a mention of hijacked crypto accounts that have become a common commodity in the dark web markets. It turns out that notable crypto trading platforms (such as LocalBitcoins and Coinbase) are increasingly becoming a staple for cyber criminals.

Quite interestingly, you may be surprised to learn that Gmail accounts have also been fetching top dollar in the dark web markets. The price index noted the higher cost of acquiring Gmail accounts in comparison to stolen online banking info – the difference is attributed to the fact that email accounts are generally packed with private information.



How Do You Stay Safe?

With all that’s been happening on the dark web, it goes without saying that no one is immune to the dark web-facilitated trade in stolen information. Identity theft and other forms of cybercrime can only be avoided through safe cyber practices and constant monitoring of dark web spaces (especially for organizations).


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