Crypto Jan 20, 2022

Dark Web Carding Site Retires After Making $385 Million in Sales

The world’s largest carding site UniCC has announced its plans to retire…

UniCC, the biggest carding platform on the dark web, has revealed its planned retirement from all cybercrime business after raking in a reported $385 million in darknet sales.

The website’s operators intimated that they will cease all operations from January 22, 2022 through a Russian and English-language message that was apparently viewed across dark web platforms by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic.

According to Elliptic researchers, UniCC made a whopping $100 million worth of Bitcoin in 2021 alone through the sale of stolen credit cards. This success has been placed against the background of analyses linking the group’s success to the Joker’s Stash exit last February.

Various cybersecurity experts acknowledged that Joker’s Stash had grown to become the biggest cybercriminal player of its time, which saw the carding platform rise to the pinnacle of dark web cybercrime.

According to past records, Joker’s Stash retired at the height of its career on grounds of having sold more than $400 million worth of stolen card listings. The carding platform’s exit from the dark web scene created a vacuum that was quickly filled by UniCC.

More cybersecurity findings show that UniCC was most successful last year when it gained large amounts of money in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ether and Dash as payment in exchange of stolen payment card information by its group.

In highlight, UniCC operators have since issued a public disclaimer against the possibility of growing conspiracy theories regarding the real reason behind their move to close shop. The owners have maintained that the resolution was made, in part, owing to site’s “advanced age”.

What Next?

UniCC joins the band of counterpart dark web platforms that have chosen to retire at the pinnacle of cybercriminal achievement. Last month, ToRReZ market closed down amid wild reactions across the dark web – with a section of users applauding the site for not pulling an exit scam while others noting a possible law enforcement action.

The latest decision by UniCC to fold itself has, expectedly, shaken the underground economy to its core. What’s left is for other cybercriminal establishments to exploit the large void that will be left by the carding site. This is notwithstanding increased law enforcement action and aggressive governmental regulation that has been witness across the world targeting Tor and the dark web.


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