Crypto May 29, 2020

Crypto Wallet Providers Trezor and Ledger Denounce Hacking Reports

The crypto wallet providers that were reportedly hacked have denied the…

Cryptocurrency wallet providers Trezor and Ledger have dismissed reports that they were affected by a cyberattack where hackers made away with their users’ data and posted them on the dark web for sale.

The Hacking Reports

The hacking claims came through the data breach monitoring and prevention provider Under The Breach, which reported that some hackers stole data from companies through an exploit of Shopify Inc., and had posted the databases for sale on the dark web.

Specifically, it was reported that the customer databases of Trezor, Ledger and Keepkey had been posted for sale on the dark web after a hacker had targeted the firms. It was alleged that the threat actor involved was still the same individual who had breached the forum.

The three databases belonging to the three most popular cryptocurrency hard wallets were said to contain personal information of 80,000 users that include names, addresses, cellphone numbers and email addresses. However, it was confirmed that the stolen data did not include password information to the accounts.

In addition, the hacker is said to have also accessed the SQL database for the online investment firm BnkToTheFuture and posted the data for sale.

Under The Breach discovered the hacker’s dark web listings where they claimed to be in possession of account info belonging to about 41,500 Ledger users, more than 27,100 Trezor users and an excess of 14,000 KeepKey customers. A number of chat logs were revealed, allegedly indicated that the stolen data was achieved when the hacker exploited a Shopify vulnerability.

The Firms Denied Reports

While responding to the hacking reports Trezor made a statement via a Twitter post to dismiss the media claims as “rumors”. In their response, Trezor noted the spread of reports concerning the hacking of their eshop through a Shopify exploit.

The cryptocurrency wallet provider stated that they do not use Shopify, although they already moved to investigate the matter. In addition, Trezor reported that they have started a routine practice of eliminating old customer records from the database as a step towards minimizing the possible ramifications.

Similarly, Ledger dismissed reports about being hacked by stating that the circulating information about the firm’s Shopify database being attacked were false. Ledger announced that they had embarked on evaluating the basis of the hacking allegations through analysis of the so-called hacked db.

Importantly, the crypto wallet provider confirmed that the hacked db did not match their real one, and that Ledger continues to monitor the situation.

Furthermore, Shopify also denounced the hacking reports amid the statements made by the crypto wallet providers involved. A Shopify spokesperson told Cointelegraph that the firm’s internal investigation yielded no results as far as a cyberattack was concerned, and that Shopify failed to encounter evidence that would “substantiate the hacker’s claims” with no clear evidence that the Shopify systems had been compromised in any manner.

Well, at this point, the public cannot really know the candid conversations that are going on behind the boardrooms about whether the hackers’ claims were true yet the affected firms have decided to play it cool.

The other concern would be the legitimacy of Under The Breach, the service that reported on the hacking stories. Otherwise, Under The Breach is a seasoned platform that has a long history of breaking sensational hacking stories.

There would be no reason to think that the platform’s report would be baseless and malicious so to speak. This aspect reflects on the fact that the platform only provided detailed claimed made by the hacker on the dark web. In addition, the question about the legitimacy of the cybercriminal, who is said to have stolen the data and posted it for sale on the dark web, is a real one.

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